Guide : how to use CD keys

Aside from cheaper prices, painless purchasing, and instant delivery, CD Keys provide some of the most convenient methods to download the games.  Depending on where you’re buying your keys from and what you’re buying them for, the process may be a little different, but it shouldn’t be hard.
How do CD Keys Work?

Once you’ve entered your Paypal information, you should receive the CD Key, also known as a license key. They’re essentially just codes that verify your ownership of a copy of the game in question.

For example, let’s say that you purchase a key for Counterstrike so you can add the game to your Steam library. Once you’ve got the code and are signed into Steam you can click on activate a product button and paste in your new code. Your Steam game will be activated and available in your library instantly, ready for you to download and play– just like any other game. The same activation process can be applied to the DLC of a game you already own and have downloaded.

This also works through Uplay codes, which are also redeemable through Steam despite not technically being Steam games, and are compatible with all the same multiplayer gaming functions that you would have purchasing the disc. CD Keys are a great way for you to own a wide variety of your favorite titles with almost no hassle.

The best stores to get cd keys

Digital VS physical games

Gaming is a very rewarding, but expensive hobby – especially if you want to keep up with current and trending titles. Purchasing games like Fallout 4, The Witcher and Rainbow Six Siege can be a fun, painless process from your retailer of choice, but one that can be hard on your wallet. Even if you’re getting those games discounted, it may not be your cheapest opetion.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate edition of your favorite classic, the Game of the Year, PS4 Games, PC games, some interesting DLC, or the new multiplayer shooter you keep hearing about on Xbox live, there may be a way for you to get what you want at a good deal, no disc required.

CD Keys are a great way to afford a wide variety of cheap video games you can play, without having to sell any of your old titles. It’s a great way to download and play new games, regardless of whether you prefer Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, PC gaming, or even Steam. CD Keys are just as easy and affordable as the next fantastic deal on a game bundle.

The best part is that you can get them online from the comfort of your own home.

Where to buy legit CD Keys?

If you’re just learning about CD Keys, you may not know where to start looking for sites that cell them, let alone know how to tell if they’re legit.

The cheapest CD keys are available online through sites like G2PLAY, GAMERSGATE or GAMIVO –  and buying a key through the internet offers a lot of perks. You can find keys at the cheapest prices, pay  through Paypal and get instant delivery of your new PC games or DLC.

CD Keys are also redeemable through consoles in many cases, and are compatible with sites such as Uplay.

If you ever find yourself on a site offering CD keys that look a little sketchy, remember that the internet is a great resource. Running a quick search of the site or asking around on a few trusted gaming forums is a great why to put your mind at ease that your purchase will be legal, functional, and you’ll be in the habit of saving money on games in no time. Then it’s just a matter of easy installation and enjoying your gaming experience.

If you’re shopping for Steam games, most sites will  offer a “redeem” button next to the CD Key that will automatically add the game to your library, presuming your Steam Client is updated and you’re signed in. There are also options to redeem codes written into games with DLC, such as Star Wars Battlefront. Also, you should find great deals on Amazon and Ebay.