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Let's be frank: in a game with virtually infinite hours of play available to the player … it is incredibly easy to miss one or two occasional things. Different races, unused traits, and unique combinations of circumstances and a sharp eye can draw several Easter eggs, hidden objects and comic references that can go unnoticed even by the most serious players.

The sims 4 It is essentially a skeleton product in which the player can use it, as they wish to build and live their wildest dreams (or the most dizzying nightmares). The ways in which the game can be played are relatively endless. I have logged over nine hundred hours in this game since it was released and there are still things that I discovered when investigating this article that really surprised me.

By the time this piece is completed and sent to my editor, I can guarantee that I will spend the rest of my night doing everything possible to search each of the hidden gems to be lucky enough to witness them. first hand But do not worry; If you do not have time to look for each and every one of the hidden elements, we will not leave it in the dark. Let us, the good people of TheGamer, take you through twenty-five hidden details of The sims 4 They continually go unnoticed by fans and players alike.

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25 Literary crosses

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The next time the bookworm bites your Sim, take a moment to read the titles contained in that bookcase. because they can play a familiar chord. The game's shelf is absolutely full of books whose titles are parodies of real-world classics and novels / TV shows like "How D Dump Your Father", "Atlas Hugged", "The Lord of the Swings", "The Sauntering Dead" "and, my personal favorite," Lucas Dark and the series of coincidences increasingly unlikely. " The ads that accompany the titles also contain comic descriptions of the parodies.

24 Congratulations … or not

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As in the real world when an unexpected pregnancy arises, not all Sim are going to be excited about that. The pregnant Sim (a curious fact: both male and female Sims now have the ability to lead or create a life) should be careful to tell your partner the great news, because they may not have the reaction they expected. According to the features, the mood, the relationship, etc. of your partner, your reaction will vary from excited to absolutely devastated.

2. 3 Grilled Cheese Brain

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One of the biggest additions to The Sims The series has been the introduction of ambitions or life goals. It gives players something to structure the daily activities of their Sims and fight (or try to sabotage … not judge). The Sims 2 introduced the "Grilled Cheese Aspiration", which made the Sims yearn to spend their mortal lives dedicated to the sacred grilled cheese sandwich.

And due to popular demand, this aspiration has been returned to The sims 4 but it is hidden. Eat three or more grilled cheese sandwiches in a single session and you may have the option to devote your life to cheese.

22 Down the rabbit holes

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An annoying thing about The sims 4 It is the fact that restaurants, cinemas and even some workplaces are now active places instead of the traditional rabbit hole. But players may be relieved to know that the events in the rabbit holes have returned to the game. From time to time, your Sim can receive an invitation to attend an event that does not exist in any of the known active locations of the game. If accepted, your Sim will be sent to a rabbit hole for a few hours and will return once the event is over.

twenty-one Come back to life

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Although some players dedicate their hours of play to ending the lives of their poor Sims in the most creative and questionable way possible, we have all accidentally ended the life of a simulated Sim and have done everything in our power to return them. In The sims 4Now there are many ways to revive, said Sim. If the writing skill is high enough, a live Sim can create a book dedicated to the life of the fallen Sim. If the ghost reads it, it can be revived. Expert gardeners can also bribe the grim reaper with the coveted "flower of death".

twenty Be kind to the robot

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If you have ever had a Sim in the career of Scientists, you will know that the Invention Converter is more than it sounds. This giant mechanical device can talk to your Sim, answer your questions and seek your approval during the construction process of any element that we ask you to build. The ways in which the machine responds to its active Scientist Sim are so real that I wonder what kind of AI is driving the robot and if it will be kind to us when humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

19 Ambidexterity

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The Sims are not demanding when it comes to many things. Most of the time, they will flirt with whoever you have directed them, they will eat the foods that you demand that they consume and they will write with the hand that is most comfortable for them.

While right-handed Sims are the default ones, many Sims will actively show preference to their left hands.

The best ways to see these differences are during lunch time, as well as when the younger Sims work on their homework or at the activity tables.

18 Find the sea monster

through: thesims.origin.com

Each world contains a hidden easter egg. Some worlds contain occult magical and mystical locations (which will expand later) while other worlds simply contain creatures of standing (or swimming) legends. The European-style city of Windenburg contains nothing less than the infamous Ogopogo that the lucky Sims can see while on Bluffs cliffs. Escape the endless parties that litter the island and try to see if you can take a look for yourself.

17 Dominant traits

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Although players are still upset by the fact that the Sims in the fourth installment of the series are only allowed a minimum number of features, they may be happy to know that these features impact the daily life of their Sims in a way that never before they had had. All the interactions of a Sim with the world, its pets and the Sims that surround them will be colored by the selection of traits that you have given them. The difficulty of acquiring skills, the moods your Sim experiences, their likelihood of connecting with another Sim … it all comes down to their traits.

sixteen Extensive Medical Procedures

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From the fourth installment in The Sims The series is the first game to allow the doctor's career to be an active place, the developers had to make sure they did justice to the race.

And judging from the extensive nature of his everyday medical procedures, I can attest to that effort.

From basic check-ups to delivery of babies, all aspects of physicians' interactions with patients are detailed, intense and designed specifically for the nature of the condition. Sparks will fly, stars will be seen and pregnant mothers will never be the same.

fifteen Lasers that change mood

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One of the coolest and smallest details included in the game is the fact that the mood your Sim is currently in while interacting with your cats will affect the color of the laser they can use during game time. The color of the mood that highlights the avatar of your Sim in the lower left corner of your screen will be the exact color of the laser beam that your Sim will emit when playing with your feline friend. Playful Sims will use a magenta laser, happy Sims prefer a green tone, unsuspecting Sims will select a blue laser, etc.

14 Children's art exhibition

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The Sims parents will no longer have to choose between discarding the art their children create at the gaming table or hanging it on the walls for the world to see. With the addition of Paternity In the expansion pack, children will be able to show their own drawings in the family bulletin / board. Adult Sims will also have the ability to show their own art, photos and even write notes for other family members. This board also gives parents the possibility of establishing a curfew for their children, but keep in mind that children do not need to follow it if they wish.

13 Effect of the phases

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An exciting change is that the beloved. Paternity The expansion package added to the game was the concept of phases. Young sims will go through temporary emotional states that will affect every interaction and action they have in the game until the phase passes. Some examples of the phases in which your Sim can enter spontaneously are delicate, cruel, rebellious and sticky. Adult Sims can ask the child about their specific phase to understand it better and can choose to support it or simply ignore it and move to the other side.

12 Keep an eye on the shadows

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If you fill your house with windows to create an atmosphere of calm and lots of natural light, watch the shadows and the light itself.

The light will be colored / stained by the time of day in the game.

The first mornings will be darker and cooler, while the midday will be surprisingly bright and the night will be darker with a warmer tone to imitate a real-world sunset. The shadows projected by the sun in the game will also change throughout the day depending on the location of the sun. The shadows will continually change to coincide with the movement of the sun through the sky.

eleven Natural flora and fauna

through: modthesims.com

Since each world found within the Sims The universe is incredibly unique and diverse, the flora and fauna found in each world reflect its unique climate. The desert world of the Oasis springs is full of insects, cacti and palm trees. The green world of Willow Creek is full of enchanting willows, streams and cherry blossoms. The wooded world of Brindleton Bay is full of pine trees, birches, large rocks for walking and street pets. It's not much, but these little details really add up to the overall immersive levels of the game.

10 Act Normal, Be Normal

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Sometimes you have to let your monstrous flag fly. But be careful, doing it in the public world of The sims 4 It will have its consequences.

The NPC sims in this installment of the series are much more likely to recognize their behavior than ever before.

If they invade their personal space, they start a fight in public, or even get undressed and start touring the city … people are obliged to realize it. And they will react to your actions in a way that you do not like. Save the extravagance for your own backyard … unless you want chaos.

9 Naughty droppings

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The chosen traits will even affect the pets that are saddled with them. A lazy pet will not accept your requests for physical entertainment. An aggressive pet is not always in the mood to play. An affectionate pet will often interrupt all your activities to demand pets. And the malicious pets will start their naughty pranks immediately by creating a sim-screen by dropping a large package … umm … brown for you as if they had a UPS stamped on their fur coat.

8 Use the snow globes

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Some decorative items are meant to be used, not simply to be seen. Sometimes you are supposed to play with these items and get involved with them instead of leaving them on the shelf to collect dust. An example of this is the snow globes in the game. Each small snow globe contains a specific animation that revolves around the theme of the objects contained within its orbs. See the snow globes. Play with snow globes. Interact with the snow globes. Become a snow globe.

7 References of construction mode

through: forums.thesims.com

Just like the books that fill your shelf in the game, each and every one of the items that can be found in the purchase mode (and, occasionally, in the compilation mode) include a small description that can be viewed while Scrolls over the selected item. This little description is often full of puns, anecdotes, stories, jokes and fun little references to pop culture.

I will not ruin any of these descriptions for you, as they deserve to be able to speak for themselves.

Take a look the next time you want to redo your living room.

6 Hidden locations and secret places

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Would you like to travel to the candy-colored world of Sylvan Glade hidden inside Willow Creek? Or what about the alien planet located in the stars above? Gruta forgotten in Oasis Springs? Sylvan Glade is inside the magic tree in Crick's cabin. Interact with the tree until you can explore. With luck, you will discover Sylvan Glade. To access the alien planet of Sixam, reach level 10 of the space science skill, buy a wormhole generator and simply travel to the planet. The forgotten Grotto can be found by a cannon in the neighborhood park and is only accessible to the Sims with maximum skill ability.

5 Full of life

through: modthesims.com

The players have expressed their outrage at the lack of open worlds in the fourth installment of The Sims series. However, although we are playing in a closed world, the game has never been so full of life. Look in the background and you'll see the Sims living their best lives, the animals playing, the birds flying, the insects and insects exploring the world, the shadows dancing as the light changes, and the Sims just trying to get through the day. You can interact with the world, tripping over ice skating rinks and hidden places from the map view. Explore a bit and you will see how open the world really is.

4 Sim idol shower

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The Sims will no longer enter and leave the shower. The Sims now have the option to sing in the shower, but depending on their personality and level of confidence, some Sims can choose to sing without the intervention of any player. I usually play my game in silent mode, so I've never experienced it firsthand, but the next time I load the game, I can connect my speakers and see what more cheerful tune my Sims choose to release when rubbing.

3 Turn on your speakers

through: carlssims4guide.com

And maybe I should commit to playing the game with the sound turned on and the sound levels in the game maximized because, according to some users of the online forums, it's really worth it.

Apparently, the game is absolutely full of life and noise.

Cars in the background, informal conversations, music from nearby places, pets, children, chimes, birds, winds, storms, etc. Everything makes noise and, personally, I believe that realistic and realistic sounds should be added to the immersion of the game in a shocking way. path.

two Art driven by humor

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The artistic Sims in the fourth installment of the series have more options than ever. Size, gender, personality and mood can affect the type of paint that your Sims will create. If they feel a certain way and are captured by a certain state of mind, a Sim can make a special painting adapted and influenced by that state of mind. That painting will preserve the aura of the mood in which it was painted underneath and can force a simulator to see that piece again in that state of mind once it is finished.

one Television parodies

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Like the game's shelf, television is also full of parodies and content. The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that all the programs and movies that the Sims can see were created with the graphics of the previous installation. The second thing worth mentioning is the fact that these seemingly gender-specific programs are actually parodies of well-known bodies of work within those genres. Two parodies included in the rotation are a The best chef-as a show and a Tonight show– Like the night program.