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Quick update: Yesterday I mentioned that I will be at the Plymouth (Michigan) library this Saturday at 10 a.m. What I forgot to mention is that I will also be at the Detroit Public Library this Saturday at 2 p.m.! So if you can not reach one, try to trap me in the other. All who appear go home with something great.

Back to business. A phone, a phone number, right? Actually, it is possible to add a second line, which can be useful in all kinds of ways.

silent application

Add a second phone number to your phone with Silence.


There is a good free option in the form of Google Voice, but I will present the case for a better option that is cheap crazy: ZDNet Academy is offering a Lifetime subscription to second line service, silenced for $ 20. with promotional code CNETHUSHED20.

If you have never used a second-line application, it works as follows: you choose a number to use with Hushed. When someone calls that number, their phone rings (duh). To make a call, use the Hushed application instead of the value marker. To update: Hushed just informed me that the transfer is not included in this offer. My apologies for the error.

Messaging works in the same way, and Hushed offers some remarkable capabilities on this side of the application: group chat, recordable messages (which means that they are deleted after being read) and, perhaps most importantly, encrypted end-to-end messages. extreme. That puts Hushed on par with Signal, except that the first "has no affiliation with any major corporation and (is not) in any way in debt to anyone," according to a company representative.

Hushed also offers features such as automatic replies to text messages, personalized voice mail, Slack integration (you can send text messages directly from it) and support to synchronize messages, voice mail and the like to a Dropbox account.

Things like that help explain why I can recommend paying $ 20 for Hushed instead of $ 0 for Google Voice. I have used both, and although the latter can definitely do the job, I find it confusing in some places.

However, it is worth noting that this lifetime subscription limits it to "a combination of 6,000 SMS or 1,000 telephone minutes per year." It's probably more than enough for most users, but Google Voice has no such limitations.

I will not say that Hushed is perfect, but for $ 20, lifetimeIt's a murderous deal.

Update, April 4: Information on portability in an existing number was clarified.

Metal Gear Solid V: Only $ 4

Here is something you almost never see: a game with a perfect score. But that's what GameSpot gave Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in 2015. Of course, that was for the PS4 version, but we all know that PC games are even better than their console counterparts, right?

Certainly they are cheaper. For a limited time, GamesPlanet has Metal Gear Solid V for only $ 3.99. It usually costs $ 20, and of course, it was probably triple when it debuted for the first time.

Metal Gear Solid V is an open-world tactical action game. In addition to the brilliant GameSpot review, he scored an impressive 91 Metacritic. The users were a little less enthusiastic in general, but, hey, $ 4 to find out for yourself!

The purchase gives you a Steam key, so you must be a Steam user to play.

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