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Do you want to change your smartphone? Regardless of the model you want and the price, it is always possible to pay less than the price shown in the manufacturer's catalog. We have selected for you some methods to save money.

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Reconditioned used mobile

Do you mind if you have a new mobile phone that works well and is in good condition? You can then choose a refurbished used model. The main operators offer this service (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom …), as well as physical stores or specialized websites (BackMarket, YesYes, e-recycle, Destock Source, among others).

You can buy a device that has already been used by its former owner, from a few months up to 1 or 2 years at the most, but that will have been verified, repaired if necessary and sometimes accompanied by a more or more guarantee More short (3 to 6 months) depending on seniority.

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You can also do your research on individual ad sites (LeBonCoin type), but in this case, without any guarantee about the actual status of the device.

Money back offers

The money-back system can also be a very good solution for making very simple savings when buying a smartphone. Money-back offers, usually offered by specialized websites, allow you to receive a refund of a certain percentage, in real money, for each purchase made at the associated online stores.

For example, you can benefit froma discount code on Cdiscount Thanks to the return of Poulpéo. In addition to the very attractive prices offered at the base, after registration (free), you can get a premium of 3 euros and a refund of up to 4.4% on your purchase, paid directly to your account. And this, for your new smartphone, but also for all the purchases you make through this money back site.

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(Reimbursement offers)

To increase sales of a particular model, or to accelerate stock reduction of some references at the end of the trip, some manufacturers are introducing rebate offers also called "ODR". The principle of this type of promotion is very simple, since after having bought the mobile phone at the "normal" price shown by the store, the online store or the operator, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer for the refund of a linked lump sum to the promotion.

These discounts are generally proportional to the price of the mobile and can range between 30 euros and 200 euros or more. The request, made by postal mail, must be accompanied in any case by a certain number of documents that justify the initial purchase (copy of the receipt, label or barcode, etc.) and the coupon that materializes the offer. that it was necessary to download and print in advance. These promotions are always limited in time, so be careful not to exceed the deadline or you will never be reimbursed.

Subsidized mobile plans.

If you absolutely want to buy a new mobile phone, but really do not have the budget to do so, then you can resort to a formula that has existed since the mobile phone exists and has been proven.

It is simply to subscribe a mobile package with commitment that will entitle you to a new smartphone at a reduced price. This type of formula is particularly interesting for mid-range and high-end models, and it works a bit like a credit purchase. After being charged from the initial payment (from 1 euro to several hundred euros depending on the model), you will pay a fixed amount in advance each month for the duration of your commitment.