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Everything about Amazon in 2019 It is inconceivably large: Amazon will account for approximately 38% of the US e-commerce market. UU This year, according to online marketing firm eMarketer, and already dominates 67% of the market for books, music and videos. online; 46% of the online computer and electronic market; 45% of the online toy market; and 34% of online furniture sales. And with more than $ 25 billion in revenue from Amazon Web Services last year, Amazon is the largest cloud service provider in the world.

Its size and influence attracted the attention of regulators and legislators such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, who, along with other technology companies, in March. In its defense, Amazon said it represents only 4% of all US retail sales.

But as a whole, Amazon is much more than a retail platform. The company, incorporated on July 5, 1994 with the name of "Cadabra" and beginning to sell books with the new name of Amazon on July 16, 1995, has expanded to a complex network of companies and subsidiaries that facilitate the march . In and difficult to get out of reach covers from critical sites such as Goodreads to the sale of shoes in Zappos, through devices such as Ring, baby clothes sold in your market and educational tools for teachers, such as math programs. complete

Amazon does not touch certain aspects of its business. You may be buying from an Amazon site even if you do not believe it, or if you are visiting a website or using an application that uses one of Amazon's many web services.

We have compiled this list of all companies and subsidiaries of Amazon in honor of his birthday. In addition to the countless companies that Amazon has acquired and the services it has launched, we have discovered that Amazon has more than 80 private brands in all categories, including a dozen brands of women's clothing and (inexplicably) seven denim brands . What shows the development of society. In a low voice, but at an aggressive pace. Quartz that Amazon has been awarded or applied for 800 brands.

This list is not exhaustive (the company is quite discreet about its activities), some of the companies listed here have been eliminated or integrated with other services on the list and many questions have been asked about how to classify certain things. . Therefore, the list is imperfect, but the fact is that there are hundreds of products, brands and services offered by Amazon that often do not even use the Amazon name. Take a look at what has already happened on our radar: it's just the surface, and there's certainly more to come.


A store of shoes and clothes online owned by Amazon. It was acquired by Amazon in 2009 for $ 1.2 billion.

206 collectives
Brand of leather shoes for men and women from Amazon.

28 palms
Shirts and polos with floral print of man from Amazon.

Body Labs
Amazon acquired the start-up of a 3D body model in 2017. Recently, its body had to be scanned.

Cable point
A brand of women's knitwear from Amazon.

Warm clothing
An Amazon outerwear brand, including coats and vests.

The project More
A brand of amazon outdoor clothing.

Firm Firm
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

Know to do
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

Hayden Rose
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

An Amazon women's clothing brand.

Wild meadow
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

Daily ritual
An Amazon women's casual clothing brand.

The moon coalition
An Amazon women's casual clothing brand.

Camp Moonlight
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

Painted heart
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

Clifton Heritage
A brand of clothing and accessories for men from Amazon.

Durable Quality Co.
An Amazon casual men's clothing brand.

Leather architect
A brand of leather wallets from Amazon.

Coastal blue
A brand of swimsuits for amazonian women.

Ocean Blues
A brand of swimsuits for amazonian women.

Comfort Denim Outfitters
An Amazon denim brand for men.

Sturdy Mile Denim
An Amazon denim brand for men.

Denim flower
An Amazon brand of female denim.

HALE Denim
An Amazon brand of female denim.

Madison Denim
An Amazon brand of female denim.

Indigo company
An Amazon brand of female denim.

Lily Parker
An Amazon brand of female denim.

Handmade necklace
A brand of men's shirts from Amazon.

Isle Bay Linens
A brand of men's clothing from Amazon.

Wood paper company
A brand of men's clothing from Amazon.

7 goals
An Amazon sportswear brand for women.

Brand of amazon sportswear.

Maximum speed
A brand of sportswear for Amazonian men.

Lilac With Mint
An Amazon sportswear brand for women.

Core 10
An Amazon sportswear brand for women.

Rebel cannon
A brand of sportswear and amazonian sportswear.

A line of dress shoes for men from the Amazon.

A line of business clothes for amazon men.

A line of clothes for Amazon women.

An Amazon brand that offers basic clothing and refined accessories for women.

A line of clothes for women amazons with cardigans, sweaters and ponchos.

A line of casual clothes for Amazon women with dresses and bags.

An Amazonian brand of bohemian inspired women's clothing.

Mariella bella
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

An Amazon women's clothing brand.

An Amazon women's clothing brand.

Social thanks
A brand of formal women's clothing from Amazon.

The Cambridge collection
A brand of formal women's clothing from Amazon.

Velvet rope
A brand of formal women's clothing from Amazon.

Something for everyone
A casual clothing and footwear brand from Amazon.

Alice Suite
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

An Amazon brand that offers fashionable clothes, casual clothes and sleepwear.

A brand of dresses and separations for Amazon women.

True angel
An Amazon women's clothing brand.

An Amazon brand that offers the basics for men and women.

An Amazon menswear brand that offers options for business and pleasure.

A brand of Amazonian menswear.

An Amazon women's clothing brand that includes bras, sewing and nightwear.

Dane East
A subsidiary of Amazon, the global online retail site offers more than 125 brands designed by leading men.

Good brief
A brand of underwear for men from Amazon.

Madeline Kelly
A brand of feminine underwear from Amazon.

The Slumber project
A brand of amazon pajamas.

Trailside Supply Co.
An Amazon ski and snowboard clothing brand for men.

Ugly Fair Isle
An Amazonian brand of Christmas sweaters.

Feet kold
A brand of amazon socks.

Fox stockings
A brand of Amazonian stockings.

The solution
A brand of shoes and accessories from Amazon.

The nice bag
A brand of amazon bags.

Moon and back
A brand of baby clothes from Amazon.

A brand of Amazonian clothing for children.

Emma Riley
An Amazon clothing brand for girls.

One for awesome
An Amazonian brand of children's clothing.

Children's Nation
An Amazonian brand of children's clothing.

Spotted zebra
An Amazonian brand of children's clothing.

Software that recommends the sizes to the clients. Amazon acquired Shoefitr in 2015.


The line of products for home care of the Amazon brand was launched in 2019.

An Amazon brand that offers essential products, such as vitamins and supplements.


Amazon books
A chain of 18 traditional bookstores launched in 2015.

Amazon 4 stars
A chain of three stores that offers a selection of the best qualified products with four stars and more for sale on Amazon.com. The first Amazon 4 star store was launched in 2018.

Amazon Go
In 2016, a chain of four convenience stores was launched without payment.

Presented by Amazon
A chain of four major brands kiosks on Amazon.com was launched in May 2019.


TenMarks Education
A company that offers online internships and personalized enrichment programs in mathematics for K-Algebra / Geometry using technology products. One of the products, called Amazon Inspire, was a content discovery service that allowed teachers to access a library of digital educational resources created by educators. Amazon, which acquired the company in 2013, recently abandoned the TenMarks tools.

Amazon Whispercast
Platform that allows teachers to buy, manage and distribute electronic books and applications directly from Kindle stores and Amazon applications and games directly to students.

Amazon Inspire
A group of resources that allows teachers and educators to share and discover digital resources, worksheets, lesson plans and evaluations.


Amazon Kindle
An electronic book reader sold by Amazon.

Amazon Fire
A tablet computer developed by Amazon and Quanta Computer.

Eco de amazon
A smart speaker that connects to Alexa's voice activated intelligent personal assistant service. The eMarketer the Echo market research firm will account for approximately 63% of all US smartphone sales. UU In 2019. In comparison, the company estimates that Google will represent 31% of the market.

Amazon Alexa
Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant service developed by Amazon.

Amazon Cloud Cam
A security camera connected to the internet and compatible with Alexa. Launched in October 2017, this device is part of Key by Amazon, a service offered to Amazon Prime members for home delivery, offering Amazon contractors a one-time code for smart locks.

A home automation company that creates security cameras for interiors and exteriors. Amazon acquired the company for $ 90 million at the end of 2017.

An intelligent bell company, Amazon, has acquired $ 1.2 billion in 2018. The ringer device is a Wi-Fi enabled ringer that can transmit live video from a door to a smartphone or tablet.

A brand of Amazon technical accessories, including screen protectors for Amazon Fire tablets.


Amazon Wind Farm Texas
A wind farm with 100 turbines in West Texas, inaugurated at the end of 2017. This is the largest of the 18 renewable energy projects of Amazon in the United States, including wind and solar farms. Amazon said it would buy 90% of the plant's production.


Whole foods market
Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2017 for $ 13.7 billion. Whole Foods is a supermarket chain that offers organic foods without preservatives, dyes, flavors, sweeteners and artificial fatty acids.

Amazon food delivery service. The company closed it recently.

Amazon treasure trucks
These food trucks are scattered throughout the country and sell everything from steaks to Philips Hue lamps.

A private Amazon label for the most part, like coffee and spices.

An Amazon brand that offers food and beverages such as popcorn, potato chips, soup and tea. It's like the Amazon version of Trader Joe.

Hamburger patties made exclusively for AmazonFresh.

Amazon's grocery delivery service is currently available in certain US states. UU In London, Tokyo and Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, Germany.

First pantry
An Amazon service that sends non-perishable food items for an additional fee.

A brand of Amazon dog food.


Amazon loan
A loan program by invitation only, Amazon offers sellers different interest rates. The company said it has lent billions of dollars to vendors since the program was launched in 2011.

Amazon online payment processing service. It was released in 2007.

Amazon acquired Tapzo, the popular Indian payment platform, for $ 40 million in 2018. It then closed the company and transferred its users to Amazon Pay.


A video game service company known for Curse Voice, which is like Skype for players. Players can easily contact and talk to each other over the Internet while playing a game.

Amazon GameOn
An Amazon company launched in 2018 allows developers to add electronic sports competitions to console, PC and mobile games so players can win prizes.

Double helix games
Videogame development company acquired by Amazon and renamed Amazon Game Studios in 2014.

Amazon acquired in 2017 GameSparks, a provider of "backend as a service" that allows game developers to create gaming functions and manage them all in the cloud.

Health care

1492 / Amazon Grand Challenge / Project X
In 2014, a secret laboratory dedicated to research in health care was started. Reportedly, the project has already begun to present a case that analyzes electronic medical records in search of incorrect codes or erroneous diagnoses.

Basic care
The range of over-the-counter medications from Amazon, which include products ranging from its own brand of ibuprofen to hair growth.

An online pharmacy purchased for $ 1 billion in 2018. PillPack is an online pharmacy that sends customers pre-packaged medicine doses.

Articles for the home and furniture.

Amazon offers household items, kitchen accessories and technical accessories.

A wholesale fabric store.

Pike Street
An Amazon clothing brand.

Amazon products and family products, including diapers, baby food and laundry detergents.

A line of essential products for the home of Amazon that offers organic detergents for washing clothes, dish soap, paper towels and more.

Amazon brand of products for home, personal care, beauty and pet accompaniment.

An Amazon brand that offers everything from luxury sheets to quilt covers, comforters, bath mats and high quality bath towels.

An Amazon brand of spare parts, including magnets and steel wire.

A brand of Amazon brands and modern furniture from the mid-twentieth century.

An Amazon furniture brand made with high performance fabrics and resistant to stains that last.

An outdoor furniture brand from Amazon.


Amazon Media on demand
An Amazon company that manufactures and sends CDs and DVDs.

A division of Amazon that develops television programs, distributes and produces films. Use online presentations and collaborative comments.

Amazon tickets
An Amazon company was launched in the UK in 2015 and sold tickets for concerts and live events. It was closed in 2018.

Prime Video Direct
A movie and video distribution service that allows filmmakers to upload their projects to the site to watch them on Prime Video.

Amazon's ad-free access to selected Prime playlists and premium premium channels available to Premium members.

Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, is a subsidiary of Amazon. This is an online database of information about movies, television shows and video games, including actors, production teams, characters, biographies, field summaries, anecdotes. and the criticism.

Mojo box office
An Amazon owned IMDb site that tracks the box office receipts and publishes data on its website.

ComiXology Unlimited
An Amazon subscription service called "Netflix for Comics."

this person
Members pay a monthly fee to access information from the entertainment industry, including credits and contact information and representation of television and film professionals.

Without box
A free shipping service for film festivals and filmmakers purchased by Amazon during the acquisition of IMDb. Festival judges can use this application to watch and rate movies on a wide-screen TV.

An Amazon affiliate that sells and produces audiobooks and broadcasts on the Internet.

Audio brightness
An audio book editor purchased by Amazon in 2007.

An audio book site available for purchase. It is in 2018.

A company owned by Amazon that sells old books, rare collectibles and art objects sold by independent sellers.

Kindle owners who subscribe to Amazon Prime can choose from over 800,000 books to borrow for free, with no expiration date.

A market for professional storytellers, writers, agents and producers to create links between them and create audiobooks.

Amazon rapids
The collection of Amazon children's books in SMS format between characters.

Avalon books
The book's editor, acquired by Amazon in 2012, specializes in the mystery of the hardcover, the "healthy" novel and westerns. Avalon's books are now published under.

Amazon publication
Founded in 2009, Amazon Publishing publishes and owns several publications, including Montlake Romance, Thomas & Mercer, 47North and Amazon Crossing.

An Amazon self-publishing service on request in 2005.

BookSurge and CustomFix, another Amazon acquisition, merged to become CreateSpace in 2005. CreateSpace provided tools and services to independent authors to allow them to publish books themselves through the site. Then it was merged with Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Booking of books
The largest online book seller in the UK offers millions of titles to send in 48 hours.

This Amazon affiliate, acquired in 2013, allows readers to connect online through book recommendations and reviews. The site has 65 million members and 2 billion books added to the profiles of the members. Another social book cataloging network, Shelfari, acquired by Amazon in 2008, has merged under Goodreads.

The Amazon desktop publishing service allows users to publish Kindle e-books.

Westland books
An editorial based in India and acquired by Amazon in 2016.

A live video platform that allows players to connect and transmit video. It receives 15 million visitors a day and more than 2 million unique creators broadcast every month. It was acquired in 2014 for $ 970 million.

Video service on demand and Amazon streaming.

LOVEFiLM International
Amazon acquired LOVEFiLM in 2011 for $ 312 million in the era of DVDs by mail. Six years later, Amazon closed the company.

Professional services

Home services
Through home services, Amazon offers 1,200 unique professional services ranging from housework to gardening.

A market that allows companies to access a workforce on demand and offers workers a selection of thousands of paid jobs to do what they please.


Amazon Maritime
He holds a license from the Federal Maritime Commission to operate as a Public Shipper without Vessels (NVOCC), which allows him to manage his own shipments from China to the United States.

Amazon Global Store
Send millions of products in more than 100 countries.

Robotics of amazon
Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, a mobile robotic application system previously used by retailers such as Gap, Walgreens, Staples, Office Depot, Crate & Barrel and Saks Fifth Avenue, in 2012 for $ 775 million. Now called Amazon Robotics, it is used exclusively in Amazon stores. It is basically a group of Rumba robots that collect the boxes and take them to the workers who put their items in a box to send them.

Amazon Air
A dedicated cargo delivery service to Amazon's logistics delivery network with its own

Prime Air: Drones
A delivery system for unmanned aircraft launched in 2013, but still in an experimental phase. In June 2019, Amazon revealed with covered rotors for security.


The Amazon store where artists can sell their works or impressions in the market.

The version of Etsy on Amazon where artisans can sell their handmade products in the market.

Amazon Business
It's like Amazon, but for commercial customers.

Amazon advertising
Third-party merchants on the Amazon platform must pay for their advertising to promote their ads. EMarketer, an online trade market research firm, predicts that Amazon's advertising activity will grow more than 50 percent this year and its market share will increase from around 4 percent to 8.8 percent.

Amazon renovated
A showcase on Amazon for products restored with warranty.

Amazon Spark
A mobile feature available to Prime members that allows you to discover and buy products. Basically Pinterest, but on Amazon.

Second chance of Amazon
A showcase in Amazon's second-hand goods market.

Amazon Vine
A program by invitation only for trusted reviewers who are offered free products.

A daily deals site and an Amazon affiliate.

Considered as the Amazon of the Arab world, Souq was an electronic commerce platform in English and Arabic. Amazon bought the company in 2017 for $ 580 million. In 2017, Souq bought Wing.ae, which develops night delivery networks for e-commerce sites. It's Amazon.ae later.

Amazon Warehouse
This program offers buyers or businesses the opportunity to buy used or slightly damaged products at an excellent Amazon price.

A global online retailer and store on Amazon for inspiration and style discovery. Shopbop offers clothing and accessories chosen by more than 1,000 established and emerging female designers.

Amazon acquired this parent company from Diapers.com, Soap.com and BeautyBar.com in 2010. It closed the company seven years later because it was not profitable.

Amazon acquired SmallParts.com in 2005 and converted it into a new branch of the company, called AmazonSupply, which became American Business in 2015.

Amazon launched a shopping service in India in 2012 that allows customers to find millions of products, read product reviews and sellers and see prices in a wide variety of product categories.

A site owned by Amazon to provide content and comments on digital photography equipment around the world.

Web services

Alexa Internet
Acquired by Amazon in 1999, this California-based Amazon subsidiary provides businesses with data and analysis of commercial web traffic.

A secure platform for cloud services, which provides computing power, database storage, content delivery and other services for companies, startups, government and educational entities. Netflix, Comcast, CDC, FDA, US Department of State UU And PBS clients. Amazon has improved the products available through AWS through the acquisition of new companies, for example:

Now, AWS Elemental, Elemental Technologies, a mobile video service, was acquired by Amazon in 2015.

Amazon has developed this data security service after acquiring the security start, Harvest.ai.

Recognition is one of the services offered to developers by AWS in the cloud.

Amazon acquired the start of machine translation in 2015 to provide developers with this technology through AWS to make their products available in multiple languages. The team was based in Pittsburgh (Amazon), which now uses technology and automatic translation from Amazon Alexa.

Annapurna Laboratories
Amazon bought Annapurna Labs, a semiconductor company based in Israel, in 2015 for $ 370 million. The laboratory's chip technology has been used to improve Amazon's cloud computing business by making its operation more profitable.

A free online photo storage service available to Prime members that allows them to save and share unlimited photos on their desktop, mobile and tablet computers.

Amazon Drive
Formerly known as Cloud Drive, Amazon Drive is a cloud-based storage application run by Amazon.