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With the aberration comes the second big DLC ​​for Ark: Survival Evolved. This leads the player to a hostile and restricted environment in which survival comes first.

Aberration and the season pass

The aberration will be launched in October 2017, as announced by the Ark development team shortly after the launch of the full launch Arks. This expansion pack is included with the first Scorched Earth expansion pack and a third expansion pack in the € 40 season pass.

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Aberration – The second expansion for Ark

The aberration takes the player to "The Ark", a planet that is hostile to life in every way. The sun is radioactive, which forces Organic Life to enter giant cave systems. And what one finds here in organic life is so disfigured and hardened by steel and years in darkness that the player will have difficulty securing his own survival.

Some skills of the new underground beings include:

  • The camouflage ability of the "rock dragon", which can adapt to its environment like a chameleon, can scale walls and navigate through the air.
  • The luminosity of a bioluminescent being that displaces the darkness of the caves.
  • The ability of the "Queen without Name" to impregnate other beings, who then took off the small descendants of the chest, the horror at its best, as the xenomorphs of the Alien movie series know.

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