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Good lynx, machines and (email protected) Now I come with something completely different, if, as you can see in the title is a Drop Key or Giveaway, starring HRK, at this time (14 hours and 30 minutes remaining since I wrote this) are raffling GTA V, a game somewhat famous and internationally recognized for having a satisfactory collection in the general field of video games. In such case of winning they will have the opportunity to pass their game to Steam and thus be able to share with their wachos.

What they have to do if they are interested in participating is the following.

1. Go to https://www.hrkgame.com/giveaway/dropkey/today/ if you have not logged in later, it will look similar to this.

2. Proceed to enter via Steam as reflected above, or creating an account (I recommend entering with Steam, saving time)

3. Once inside the page they go to the option "Drop key" hosted in "HRK, other sections" and will take them to a screen like this

4. I will go ahead a little but I will show you everything necessary, well below the saint you see above you will have the option to check your account via email, check your email (the one used for Steam or HRK) and verify your account

5. Good! finally send them to the screen of Santa where they must check using a security method that are not "robots"

Complete the test and now.


If you want to increase the chances of winning (obtaining more attempts) you will have a link below to send them to your friends or acquaintances, as soon as you open them, you should be counted.

I wish you luck with your day guys, would motivate me to keep posting with a + pts or comments, see you later.