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There will be no shortage of Battlefield 1 Black Friday offers in November and this list will help you find a game discount for Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

The release date of Battlefield 1 has arrived and gone and thousands of Xbox One, PS4 and PC players are fighting on historic battlefields of World War I.

The new EA DICE game has been critically acclaimed and some of you may be thinking of buying it right now or as a holiday gift.

If that's the case, you should watch out for Battlefield 1 offers. We've seen several for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows versions of the game and we've started to see how the great Black Friday discounts from Battlefield 1 come about.


We've put together the best deals of Battlefield 1 Black Friday to help you save some money on a copy of the game.

We're likely to see more Battlefield 1 deals later this month, but these are the best deals you can find right now.

Best deals on Battlefield 1 Black Friday

Some of these Black Friday offers will not be available until Black Friday itself, but some of them are available at this time.

You do not need to wait until Thanksgiving 2016 or Black Friday 2016 to save on one of the best games for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.


Amazon is offering an advance offer of Battlefield 1 that eliminates a substantial amount of the Xbox One S 1TB + Battlefield 1 Collector's Edition package.


If you buy the package right now through Amazon, you will only spend $ 350. The console and the Collector's Edition game usually sell for $ 480 when purchased together.

It's not clear how long Amazon will offer this initial Battlefield 1 offer, so you'll want to skip if you're looking for a new console and a copy of Battlefield 1.

Best Buy Black Friday Offer

Best Buy will offer a Battlefield 1 Black Friday offer that is worth seeing.

The retailer's Black Friday offer reduces the price of Battlefield 1 to only $ 30. That's a $ 30 discount that's pretty high for a game that arrived in October. This agreement is for Thanksgiving, so it will not unlock for a few more weeks.


Remember, if you are part of the Best Buy Gamers Club unlocking program, GCU's 20% discount will not accrue with this agreement.

GCU requires a $ 30 membership fee (two-year membership), but you'll get some good benefits, including a 20% discount on any game you buy at Best Buy. This includes discounts on Battlefield 1 and its various packages. For more information about Gamers Club Unlocked, check out our review.


Best Buy also offers a $ 50 discount on the Battlefield 1 Xbox One S 1TB Special Edition package. The retailer will ask for $ 300, a price that is worth seeing if you are looking for a new console.


It's not a Black Friday offer, but if you're a Costco member, you can save a little on a copy of Battlefield 1. Both the Regular and Deluxe versions have a discount.

The retailer is offering the regular version for $ 49.99 and the Deluxe version for $ 69.99. Both are excellent discounts although they require a Costco membership.


DLGamer is selling the PC version of the game for $ 48. This price should remain fairly static throughout the year.

Green Man Gaming

Online retailer Green Man Gaming currently gets a 20% discount on a copy of Battlefield 1 for PC, which reduces the price from $ 60 to $ 47.99.


Microsoft is receiving several offers from Battlefield 1 during the week of Black Friday. Offers include discounts on the regular version of the game, the Deluxe version, the Ultimate version and a package with Titanfall 2.

The company offers the regular version of the game for $ 40.19, the Deluxe version for $ 53.59, the final version for $ 103.99 and the Titanfall 2 / Battlefield 1 package for $ 75.

All three require an Xbox Live Gold account.

Target black friday offers

Target Black offers from Battlefield 1 include a discount on the game and a discount on the unique Xbox One S package.

The retailer will offer Battlefield 1 for $ 35, the same price as Amazon. This offer will be available only for two days, although you can take advantage of it in the store or online if you want to avoid the crowds.


If you're looking for a new console in the market, you'll want to take a look at Target's Black Friday offer for the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 package.

The retailer will charge $ 250 for the 500 GB package. In addition to that, you will also receive a free $ 40 Target gift card.

Black Friday Offers from Walmart

Walmart has an incredible deal with Black Friday of Battlefield 1 in the works.

The retailer will sell Battlefield 1 for $ 27, a price that undermines its competitors' agreements by several dollars.

The agreement is for Thanksgiving and although it is not confirmed, we hope the agreement is available to those looking to avoid crowds and buy the game for a discount online.

5 reasons to buy the Premium Pass of Battlefield 1 and 3 to wait

Buy it if you want the DLC of battlefield 1 as soon as possible

Buy it if you want the DLC of battlefield 1 as soon as possible

If you know you will want to access the Battlefield 1 DLC as soon as it is published for your platform, you will want to think about collecting the Premium Pass from Battlefield 1 right now.

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass comes with several benefits, but the best could be early access to the game's downloadable content.

If you are a Premium Pass holder, you will get the three remaining expansion packages of the game two weeks before those that are not.

If you want to get a little bit of advantage in learning new weapons, new classes, new modes and new maps, the Premium Pass is the route you probably want to take.