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Big British bowling alleys: Langley Castle in Hexham is an award-winning medieval wonder with some ghostly events in …

  • Langley Castle in Northumberland is the Northeast England hotel of the year
  • It is a castle hotel with a decoration of "medieval redoubt" and "excellent hospitality".
  • There is a small cocktail bar and a restaurant that serves "elegant and delicious" food.

Like any castle that is respected, the 14th century fortress of Sir Thomas de Lucy has a ghost. It is said that the tearful Gray Lady, who slides down her corridors, is the daughter of Sir Thomas, Maud, who threw herself from the highest window when her husband was killed in the Battle of Shrewsbury.

Despite this, Langley Castle is the Northeast England Hotel of the Year, a title that has won six times, and there is nothing ethereal in its excellent hospitality.

The only castle hotel in Northumberland, one mile from the village of Haydon Bridge, is perfect. When I arrived, the peacocks strutted on the grounds and, on one of the towers, the red and gold Northumberland flag was breaking in the wind.

Fortaleza: the 14th century house of Thomas de Lucy

Fortaleza: the 14th century house of Thomas de Lucy

Inside, the decoration is "medieval redoubt". There are tapestries on the walls, armours on the stairs and iron candelabra.

The rooms have all the modern conveniences you would expect from a four star hotel. Although not the largest, the Tower Room, on top of a tower, is one of the most popular. From the battlements, there is a route every morning, you can see the Hadrian's Wall, the fortified limit built by the Romans 2,000 years ago.

It is a short drive to Newcastle and the castle is bordered by "Reiver country", the lawless land between Scotland and England where the opposing families ruled the henhouse for centuries.

The hotel is from the old school without being charged. In Langley, they think that "nonconformist" is something in which a river keeps its dagger. For example, you do not need to have a drink in the big room before dinner, but they like it.

And as for the Gray Lady, the bartender at the little cocktail bar at first insisted that he did not believe in her, but then told me about it once, late at night, on the main staircase …

In the photo is one of the rooms of the castle. There are nine in total and they have all the amenities.

In the photo is one of the rooms of the castle. There are nine in total and they have all the amenities.

The USP: It allows you to enjoy your fantasies of being king or queen of the castle.

The rooms: There are nine in the castle and another 18 in buildings on the grounds.

The food: Posh and delicious. The dinner menu is loaded with meat and game, but I had a crab appetizer followed by a wonderful piece of halibut. Three courses cost £ 44.95.


Langley Castle, Northumberland. Double rooms from £ 290 B & B. Those who are in the field of £ 99 B & B. Visit langleycastle.co.uk for more information.