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A CD key it comes with every copy of Never winter nights and each expansion pack. This alphanumeric code of 35 characters is used for authentication, both during game installation and when using the multiplayer aspect of the game. The code for the base game is also used to validate premium modules. The key is entered during the installation of the game and stored in the nwncdkey.ini file (if the key is accepted by the installer). When starting or joining a multiplayer game, the game's CD keys are authenticated by the BioWare master server (if the master server is available). In addition, each computer that connects to the game must have its own set of CD keys.

The master server has been offline since the summer of 2011, so key verification has not occurred since then. This prevents logging on servers that require master server authentication (a configuration in the server's nwnplayer.ini file).
Otherwise, the situation is similar to what has always been the case for LAN games without an available Internet connection: the authentication step is simply omitted.
However, it may take some time for the game to determine that the master server is not available if an Internet connection is available.

The CD key identifies the computer on which Never winter nights it's installed. A player can have several CD keys (of buying the game several times, for use on multiple computers), and a single CD key can be used by several players (who share a single computer). However, a single CD key can not be used on several computers. (In theory, a single computer could have several CD keys, but the game has an internal check that prevents it from running more than one instance of the game at any given time, so this question is academic).

As an exception to the "one computer" rule, copies of the game purchased from GoG.com come with the same CD key (a consequence of GoG.com eliminating copy protection of all games sold). This does not cause problems in a single player, but it can be a problem in multiplayer. For those who wish to use Never winter nights For multiplayer, GoG.com will issue unique CD keys for its customers who request them.(one)

Public CD keyEdit

CD keys are private, not shared with others. However, there is an abbreviated form of the key, called public CD key, which is transmitted to the host of a multiplayer game and can be obtained with the NWScript command GetPCPublicCDKey (). This abbreviated form is an 8-character code composed of alternative characters in the CD key, which starts with the second and ends with the sixteenth. For example:

 CD Code: 12345 - 67890 - ABCDE - FGHIJ - KLMNO - PQRST - UVWXY
Public key: 2 4 6 8 0 B D F 

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