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Recently I found an online site called cjs-cdkeys.com and I was wondering, how the hell do they get the keys so cheap? At first, I assumed that it is likely that illegal keys are generated, which are not good for playing online. But after reading the website, they claim that the keys work in online multiplayer mode.

Well, I'm a man of chance, and I decided to take the step. For the sake of £ 19.99, I decided to try to buy a scanned activation code from dead space 2. He said it will be delivered instantly using his special "automatic" system. I was happy to pay with Google Checkout since I've used that method before with many other stores. Well, I took the step, and I'm happy to say it was worth it.

After I paid with Google Checkout, it took approximately 14 minutes for the order to be approved, then, once approved, I entered my information into the Autokey system, and presented me with a picture of the key! It was a photograph of the key, since I could see in the photo the reflection of a man's face.

I activated the key in the download manager and I was delighted to see that the activation was successful! My previous doubts that this site was possibly a scam had completely disappeared. I can confirm on my personal account that this site is a true website.

I am very impressed by the service I received from CJS and, after further research, I discovered that they are owned by a larger limited company called & CJS Sales & Services LTD & # 39 ;. I am very happy to have taken the risk and I will definitely get future CJS games like the next crisis 2. It is a really excellent service.

It seems that they manage to obtain the cheap CD keys by buying from foreign companies and importing them. But it seems that since there is no physical shipment involved, all the savings that were made by not having to physically import the game are passed directly to the customer.

In short, I can really recommend CJS CD KEYS and I must tell anyone who needs a PC game at a cheap price to go there now.


Also, if you become their fan on Facebook, you can get a 5% discount, which is pretty good too.