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Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is a new heartbreaking chapter in the critically acclaimed series. Continuing with the history of World War II, this exciting campaign places it at the heart of the battle, once described by Churchill as "… without a doubt, the greatest battle of the war in the United States." This fundamental conflict is known to many as "The battle of the bulge."

Take control of the US allied forces UU While facing tactical challenges and punishing the ground during a surprise offensive maneuver led by the relentless resurgence of Oberkommando West. Watch the dramatic Battle of the Bulge unfold through the eyes of three different officers; experience first-hand the unique struggles they encounter during the war and how the weight of your actions will shape their future. The harsh reality of war is that no one is really safe, and his Companies are not excluded from this ultimate truth. Witness your heroism in the face of extreme odds, and fight to gain control of the strategically critical Ardennes region.

Key features

  • Non-line campaign – Take control of a strategic meta-map that covers the key locations of the Battle of the Bulge. Choose the sequence to play the missions to defeat the powerful German Force and change the course of the war.
  • 18 all new scenarios – Participate in a dynamic campaign throughout the landscape of the Ardennes consisting of 11 missions and 7 commitments inspired by the events of the Battle of Bulge. The campaign advances with dynamic bonus objectives that change in different games, giving more repeat options than ever.
  • 3 iconic companies – Take command of the versatile Airborne unit, the implacable Mechanized Infantry and the Support Unit of heavy blows and choose which one to deploy for each mission. Each company is under the authority of 3 different officers; each with their own style, perspective and skills.
  • Results that matter – Be careful with your strategic decisions, since the results and the general health of the company persist between missions. The obtained seniority can help to increase the effectiveness of the entire Company, while the lost units are a blow to the general health of the Company. If you do not manage the resources well, you run the risk of losing a company forever. The decisions you make will ultimately determine the outcome of your battle!
  • Personalization – Customize each of the 4 unique skills of your company with up to 6 selectable updates. The unique skill tree offers 72 multiple levels of improvement, allowing players to specialize their commanders during the course of the campaign.