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A few days ago, we offered you the test of the long-awaited Dark Souls III (in PC and PS4). Having obtained a score of 9/10, this is an excellent game and today, thanks to Kinguin and Café du Geek, we propose that you win a PC license from Dark Souls III.


To make you want, here is the conclusion of our test:

Achieving such a successful, deep and exciting sequel is not easy today, given the demands of the new generation of players. However, From Software goes even further with this third and final episode, the saga is sublimated through the vision of its discreet but brilliant creator. The teacher looked after his last baby like a dragon in his precious treasure. Dark Souls III is more than the best of everything, it is a culmination, a consecration, the player does not take himself as a spectator and is more than ever at the center of his evolution. Addictive, sublime, an exhausting chain, extremely rewarding, powerful antithesis of the box office successes of today, the superlatives are not lacking. A masterpiece, simply. Meanwhile, the next projects of the talented Japanese studio, Dark Souls, can now rest in peace.

If you want to read the full Dark Souls III quiz again, it's here.


How to participate:

Just leave a comment in this article. You have until May 22, 2016 to participate.
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Good luck to you all

You can buy the game directly in Kinguin, and you get a 33% discount on a Dark Souls III steam key! Stay connected, there may be a license to win soon!