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What is a cookie?
Our website uses features and techniques that make the site easy to use, easy to use and more personal. The best known example of this type of functionality are cookies. We use the word cookies as a common term for all these functions, however, there are other characteristics.

The use of cookies by EuroClix is ​​completely secure. These are not computer programs and can not be used to spread viruses. Personal information, such as the email address, can not be recovered from cookies either. Cookies only register your preferences and facilitate the use of your browser. EuroClix has a strict privacy policy, which is part of the general data protection regulations and the guidelines of the CBP (College bescherming persoonsgegevens) and the Netherlands Data Protection Authority (PA). .

We think it important that you know what cookies are used by our websites and to what end these cookies will be used.

Functional cookies
The EuroClix website uses cookies to keep your sites running. We use cookies so you can save Clix. These are used to:

Keep track of the offers you clicked on
Register partners that make it eligible for points (Clix)

We also use functional cookies to connect to EuroClix. These are used to:

Identify your browser when you have logged in. So you do not need to log in every time.
It offers the possibility of saving logon credentials. So login credentials do not have to be entered every time

Finally, we use functional cookies to:

Remember the permission you have given to use cookies.
Remember the information you have completed on several pages, so you do not have to complete your details again
Skip information from one page to the next page
Save preferences about, for example, filters or see search results
Read the configuration of your browser to display our website optimally on your screen
Detect the abuse of our website and our services by registering, for example, several consecutive login attempts
Ensure uniform loading of the site so that the site remains accessible

Third party cookies
When you visit a partner's website on the EuroClix website, you are likely to visit this website through third parties. This third party is a network that provides a technical service to EuroClix. In collaboration with the cookies (third-party cookies) used by the network, allow EuroClix to receive your commission for the purchases you make through us. It is based on this commission that we redistribute the Clix. Without these third parties and the commission, EuroClix can not offer its services and can not grant Clix.

Social network cookies
EuroClix considers it important that its members and visitors can share an interesting offer. As a result, sharing this content on social networks is one of the important services we want to offer on our sites.

You can share the offer you see on our website on social networks through the included buttons. For these buttons to work, we use cross-section cookies, so social networks will recognize it when you want to share an offer or a link on social networks.

These cookies allow users connected to certain social networks to directly share certain content of our website with friends and other users. With respect to the cookies placed by social networks and the data they may collect, we refer to the statements on the website of these parties; Please check them for some of these parts by clicking on the links below. Warning: these statements may change regularly. EuroClix has no influence on this.

Google+ / YouTube | LinkedIn | twitter | Facebook

The configuration of your browser
If you do not want websites to place cookies in your home, you can adjust your browser settings to receive an alert before placing cookies. You can also adjust your settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or only third-party cookies. However, unfortunately, the EuroClix program will no longer work for you; We strongly advise against this. Keep in mind that if you choose to do this, you will no longer have access to the EuroClix websites. The configuration of this type of parameters differs according to the browsers. Therefore, we recommend that you consult the help function of your browser or click on the links below of the most common browser manufacturers.

For a general description of the instructions, please consult Your online choices.

Final disposition
We will need to adjust this statement from time to time due to, for example, changes that may apply to our website or cookie policies. EuroClix reserves the right to modify, at any time, the content of this declaration without prior notice. We recommend that you visit this website regularly to get the latest version.