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Drake Mall
Drake Mall

Many people have heard of a service like Drake Mall. This is an unusual website that offers special mystery boxes with the possibility of winning expensive gifts. The service is very interesting and works in the following way. Users buy special gift cards that allow them to open one of several available boxes. In each of them there is a certain set of things that can fall in random order. With a special gift card, users open the box and receive one of the items in random order.

If you succeed, you can get something that is much more expensive than the amount of the gift coupon. Many people wonder if God works the site and send packages to the winners. Many people doubt the integrity of the site. However, many network users record videos with unpacking packages of this service. You can win many prizes like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or IphoneXr.

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People can choose between selling the package for real money and sending it to the address provided.

The replenishment of the account can be done with Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller cards. Gift cards can be purchased at Kinguin or Gamivo. Choose the required amount of the card and buy it. You will receive a 12-digit code that can be used on the site.

Drakemall's information: true or not?

The total number of videos of several users is really huge. They are posting on Facebook Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. This is direct evidence that the service honestly pays the money and sends the packages. Everyone tests on drakemall.info it is real. The convenient prize draw system has provoked a heated debate among many Internet users. Some skeptics questioned and criticized the service for its operating principles.

However, the company works as open as possible and declares the user in advance all possible risks. The service offers equal profit conditions for each user. Of course, not everyone can win the first prize the first time. It is worth noting that the algorithm for dropping things is based on the principle of random numbers. There is no pattern defined here.

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However, many network users record videos with unpacking packages of this service. Flickr

Everything depends only on the case of the blind. The service is worth trying to understand for you its value. Even if you do not like the final prize, you can always sell it on the internal platform and get your money back. This is a real flow of finance in nature that allows you to always stay in benefit.

Review and legitimate unboxing.

Many YouTube users post many screenshots and videos of what came in the package. The vast majority of the videos is positive and characterizes the company as an honest and decent partner. There are a lot of unboxing video profiles on the internet. Most users say that the packages arrive at the agreed time without delay. People can choose between selling the package for real money and sending it to the address provided.

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The real images are not false, but user tests. Fast delivery is also true. A bunch of FB reviews It is absolutely true It is worth noting that no user will be left out of the package. I leave absolutely all orders that are sent on time and arrive at the address. This is a distinctive feature of the service that many people mark in their reviews.

Many satisfied customers take video reviews and share them on YouTube. In almost all the videos you can see one or another package of different cost. This suggests that the company always works on its image and does not deceive its users.