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Dying Light was the little zombie game he could, and Dying Light 2, which we just tested at E3 2019, looks even better. Even after some less than fantastic review scores, the original mix of zombie attacks game and hardcore parkour maintained high levels of interest for years. With the following DLC, which allows you to traverse an extensive field while hitting the undead beneath an armored buggy, and a real battle-style spin-off, Dying Light has managed to stay much longer than most others zombie action games.

That's why it's so refreshing to see Techland tackling an appropriate sequel. Announced at E3 2018 with an elegant trailer, Techland has had no qualms about sharing some key details about the changes that will occur in the apocalypse. Here is all we know about Dying Light 2.

Is Dying Light 2 on E3 2019?

Yes! At Microsoft's press conference E3 2019, a new trailer was shown (see below) featuring the protagonist of Dying Light 2, Aiden Caldwell. According to Techland, he is an infected survivor whose "high-flying parkour abilities and brutal combat skills make him a valuable asset in this ruined metropolis."

Release date of Dying Light 2: when to expect it

At the Microsoft E3 2019 conference, we learned that Dying Light 2 will be launched in the spring of 2020. It could fall from March to May.

The new trailer of Dying Light 2 of E3 2019.

Dying Light 2 showed a new post-apocalyptic parkour at the Square Enix press conference during E3 this year. It will recognize a good part of the images of the last world trailer of last year (later), but there are some new parts like running along the wall and riding a zip line to cross the roofs.

The stage of Dying Light 2: Chris Avellone is helping to bring it to life.

It says a lot that the first voice you hear in the trailer of the E3 game of Dying Light 2 is that of Chris Avellone. If that name sounds familiar to you, think of KOTOR 2, Pillars of Eternity and Fallout: New Vegas to name just one inch of the incredible projects you've been a part of. Avellone has worked as a writer or lead designer (sometimes both) in a lot of our favorite RPGs. He has become one of the most coveted storytellers in the industry, and is a key part of Dying Light 2.

The main designer, Tymon Smektala, discussed the participation of Avellone with Digital foundry, saying that the writer was involved from the beginning to help the team define a "modern dark age".

"It's a scenario that explains, it presents a world where civilization has returned to (the) dark age," Smektala told Digital Foundry. "At this moment, everything is brutal, primordial and ruthless, and Chris Avellone helped us define that world, define the rules that govern it and (help) define the factions that operate in the city."

Avellone is joined by at least one member of The Witcher 3's writing team: Karolina Stachyra, known for her work in the Search line of the bloody baron.

Although the specific details of the plot of Dying Light 2 have not been revealed, the developers have given us some general outlines of what we can expect. Established 15 years after the first game, your mission is to recover an object that could "change the future of humanity". A source of clean water? A way to turn on the wifi again? Your assumption is as good as ours. But you are not alone in this dark place. Far from that, really. The city is full of multiple human factions, each of which will compete for their help, cooperation or death.

The first trailer of Dying Light 2: this is how you see the gameplay in the zombie sequel

The Dying Light 2 game trailer gave us a snapshot of what can be expected from the game's history, where parts of the city will change based on your choices. Check it up.

Dying Light 2 has narrative options, that's how they work

Dying Light 2

One of the great changes of Dying Light 2 is how the city around you will transform (both physically and tonally) once you ally with one of several groups.

During E3, our own Steven saw a Hands-free demonstration that showed this branched world building in game. A group of NPCs has gained control over a water source, giving an air of uncertainty about the future of the surrounding communities. The peacemakers, a group of people obsessed by law and order, sent an emissary to see what they could do to obtain water for their people, but since it is a computer game, the emissary has disappeared and it is up to you to decide . things out.

When you find the water smugglers, you can choose to reward them with an old-fashioned murder, which allows the peacekeepers to enter and fix the place. The streets will be a bit safer, water will flow to the locals and some environmental additions will make parkour easier. Unfortunately for those who make trouble, peacemakers will rule with an iron fist, practicing their favorite pastime of hanging anyone they consider a criminal. Maybe they will turn against you one day.

If you align yourself with the smugglers, the area becomes ruthless, where the desperate are accused of drinking water. However, your grateful partners will reduce your profits.

More practically, depending on the faction you choose, you will see the banners and the corresponding colors splashing a bit of life (or misery) in the region. The peacemakers will unfurl their banners on buildings, erect a lot of outposts and build walls. Smektala hastened to clarify that her problems will not always be between two factions, and that it will not always be as simple as a "join us or die" dialogue, which means that achieving or not achieving a mission objective can lead to to something unexpected. Changes of power As is often the case in stories after the apocalypse, there is always the possibility that things will get worse.

The map of Dying Light 2 is four times larger than the original.

Dying Light 2

But what good is all the choice of the world depending on the players if you do not have a rough place to jump? Dying Light 2 changes the grim favela of its predecessor through the European city of the "modern dark age" mentioned above, four times larger than the original map. It looks closer in style to the older portion of Old Town than the Dying Light than in the larger slums, but with everything going to 11. There are a lot of banners that mark faction territories, mills covered in panels solar that moan with years of deterioration, and Some towers of clock crumbled. Some soldiers like the peacekeepers wear armor that looks like the Knights of the Round Table meet Mad Max. In spite of the increase of the population in this city (in comparison with Harran), the nature still has recovered parts of the buildings and streets.

Oddly enough, there is even a structure that looks suspiciously like the Arc de Triomphe, but it has what appears to be a black market operating around it by elevators made from the roofs of school buses.

Dying Light 2 is definitely developing from the strong original gameplay of parkour. Apart from the typical races, running on the wall, jumping, sliding and climbing, Smektala has said that there are twice as many parkour movements.

In a very Three Musketeers movement, players can pin a leaf on a banner and use it to slide towards street level. There are also some ropes and cables from which you can swing, either from one building to another or in said banner. In the game's premiere trailer, we also see the player jumping from a building towards the back of a moving truck.

However, Parkour is more than a simple evasion and crossing. When the player confronts some smugglers, we see him jump, grab a pipe hanging from the roof and kick some poor imbeciles from the edge of the building. One would think that a ruthless wasteful man would not turn his back on certain death, but here we are.

The combat of Dying Light 2 should offer more variety of crafts.

Dying Light 2

Speaking of combat, the same melee in the first person seems to be our main way of hitting heads. As in the last game, it seems that you can combine weapons with certain elements to add a little flavor to your swing. We've seen hatchet axes with what look like electric wires, plus a street sign cut in half.

Smektala has said that the creation is expanding and that there will be around 50 new combos that you can apply to weapons, but you will also use the environment to fight. We have seen the player whip a bucket on the head of an enemy, creating an opening to push it from the ceiling.

The black market seen above that aspect of Arco will sell you planes of weapons, drugs that give you additional powers, or just more brutal torture tools. Stealth will also play a bigger role in Dying Light 2, with bushes and trash bins to hide if things get creepy. You can also sneak up on enemies to kill more silently.

The zombies of Dying Light 2 will be a fearsome group, but we have not seen the night yet

The incredible mechanism of the day and night cycle of the original game is back, but instead of dodging the undead in the luminous streets, most of them have grouped themselves in the interior of the building to wait for the evening, shoulder to shoulder. It's enough to make the Saturday grocery buyer in me shudder. We invite you to steal the place to get an extra special booty, but make a noisy false step and flee faster than the party at your parents' house. Of course, you can wait until night to do all this, it's just that your undead guests will be, you know, everywhere.

The superpowered volatile are also returning, although we are not sure which, if there will be any, will return. As always, they will chase you in a dead sprint, forcing you to be cunning with your UV flashlight and some environmental tools.