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Dan Middleton left his job at the supermarket to focus on his full-time hobby, and ended up making A $ 25.4 million in just one year.

The 27-year-old British player used to work as a shelf stacker in the grocery chain of the United Kingdom, Tesco, where he earned a low salary.

But several years ago, he created his own YouTube channel, DanTDM.

The channel took off quickly, and fans flocked to Mr. Middleton's videos playing games like Minecraft.

Today, the graduate of the University of Nottingham has 20.7 million followers on YouTube and is the most popular among children aged five to 10 years.

In the last year alone, he has raised an astounding amount of A $ 25.4 million, or around $ 69,500 per day, thanks to his live tour and his complete merchandise, which includes backpacks, baseball caps and hoodies.

Middleton has just been named the fourth highest income YouTuber in the world and the highest paid in the UK by Forbes magazine.

According to The Sun, Middleton said earlier that his surprising success had been a shock.

"It's something I was not prepared for," he said.

"It's something that little by little I've been learning for the last three or four years.

"Over the past five years, YouTube has evolved, being a YouTuber was not a thing before."

His clips have been seen more than 10 billion times, with a single video that gets 44 million views.

And although the exact figure is unknown, Forbes estimates that the leading online stars can earn around $ 6.90 for every 1000 visits.

He has also been selected to express the eBoy character in the movie Ralph Breaks The Internet.

But as incredible as Middleton's success has been, its importance is insignificant compared to its biggest winner, a seven-year-old boy known only as Ryan, who posts videos of himself playing with toys on the Ryan Toys Channel. .

Ryan, from the USA UU., Won $ A30.2 million in 2018, and has accumulated 17 million followers and has its own line of collectibles.

The boy, whose last name is unknown, has risen from the eighth position, which he occupied in 2017.

His family has been sharing clips of him playing with various toys since he was only three years old.

Meanwhile, second place went to Jake Paul, who attracts billions of visits for his prank videos and rap songs.

Paul won $ 29.5 million this year, just ahead of the "five-man sports team" Dude Perfect, who took third place with $ 27.5 million in earnings.

The fifth place went to make-up guru Jeffree Star, who also launched a cosmetics line.

Jeffree Star earned $ 24.7 million from her YouTube channel and also earned a fortune from her Jeffree Star cosmetics range.

According to Forbes, online gaming videos are now an authentic trend, with WME's digital talent agent David Huntzinger saying the publication was now "great."

"Ten or fifteen years ago, the games were not great, you did not play because they were great, you played because you loved it," he said.

"Now you have Drake with Twitch and playing with Fortnite, and athletes in the locker room who say they can not stop playing with Xbox, is what these kids are living and breathing."

Almost all people with higher incomes in 2018 were between 20 and 30 years old, and most also earned more money through their own merchandise lines.

Top 10 YouTube sensations earned a total of $ 248.3 million this year, a huge 42 percent increase over 2017.