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Despite the promises, he was out of the business of reselling games activation keys, G2A is back in it, and he is also competing directly with key resellers in his own market, in terms that penalize his business.

Since at least February 2017, G2A has been buying game codes, making an inventory of them and selling those games in packages. That competes directly with resellers in their own market. G2A has also announced stricter controls on these resellers. As of July 1, your more than 200,000 registered resellers will no longer be able to sell your keys anonymously. In the same way, G2A customers can not hide their location to avoid sales tax in Europe, called value added tax or VAT.

The resale of the keys to the game comes almost a year after the CEO of G2A, Bartosz Skwarczek, told Polygon in no uncertain terms that his company was out of the key resale business.

But in February, the company launched a service called G2A Deal. It is a package of games that are offered at a considerable discount as a one-time purchase or as a recurring subscription. G2A confirmed to Polygon that those keys that activate the games are purchased directly from developers and publishers.

The first package included Lords of the Fallen, Super hot, Dirt 3, Siberia Y Siberia 2 for the equivalent of less than $ 2. The current offer of G2A offers up to Tropic 4, Dungeons 2, Case: Animatronics, 12 is better than 6 Y Car mechanic simulator 2015 – a package that G2A values ​​at more than $ 90 when purchased on Steam – for around $ 3.40. An automatic renewal subscription is a little less.

"G2A Deal is created by and is part of G2A Direct, our developer and publisher program," G2A public relations specialist Gabriela Lefanowicz told Polygon. "The way it works is that we buy games directly from developers and publishers and place them in our G2A Deal package, unlike other similar offers, we pay the keys to developers and publishers in advance." All developers who have already worked with us at G2A Deal he has been satisfied with the program and the way it works. "

Even so, at least one developer that was requested for inclusion in G2A Deal is not happy with the program. Nick Popovich, the manufacturer of Slime Ranchero, posted an email from G2A. He used it as a symbol of his solidarity with other independent developers, some of whom accuse G2A of undermining them and leaving them without sales. G2A vehemently denies the accusations.

"Unfortunately, some developers choose to respond aggressively to a polite email from one of our employees and then use it for self-promotion," Lefanowicz said. "Although such responses and instances are rare, it's still not something we like to see, but fortunately, we cooperate with most developers without any problems."

Polygon spoke with some of the more than 100 developers in the G2A Direct program in March, which, in addition to other benefits, allows them to charge a fee to anyone in the G2A market that sells their second-hand games. All those who agreed to speak with us on the file said that while G2A was a good partner, the sales they made in this program were, at best, marginal.

When contacted to comment on its bidding program, G2A sent an additional note about upcoming changes in its security policies. Since its inception, G2A has offered its resellers anonymity. Although G2A knows their identities, they were allowed to hide publicly behind a pseudonym. In addition, buyers were allowed to self-report their country of residence, which allows for the possibility of value-added tax fraud. Neither will be allowed after July 1.

"As of July 1, 2017, buyers will have access to detailed information about sellers at G2A.COM, including their names and addresses," the note says. "This information will be included, among other places, in the invoices provided to the buyers, which will allow them to know exactly who they are buying products from.

"In addition, G2A.COM will add automatic geolocation to streamline its market. Buyers will no longer have to select their location in a drop-down menu when purchasing an item on G2A.COM. Instead, your location will be automatically determined using data taken from independent and reliable sources. "

Polygon will follow up with the market to explore how those changes are implemented.

It is not yet known when G2A will make the promised changes to its controversial Shield program, which critics call manipulator and anti-consumer.

To update: After our article was published, G2A added that they have improved the G2A Shield cancellation process and have also created a video tutorial.