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Do you buy games in G2A? If so, you may want to consider not doing so. While where you get your games is another story, it seems that the ethically questionable online retailer has made some pretty interesting marketing moves, since it has now bought sponsored ads (which for some reason can not be disabled) on Google. If someone searches for a specific game sold by the retailer, they will see their games for sale first before the official game listings!

Keep in mind that developers DO NOT make money (as in ZERO) in the games that people buy through unofficial sponsored ads. This G2A announcement has been brought to the forefront by independent publisher Mike Rose, who runs the No More Robots game studio. Mike got on Twitter this morning early to express his thoughts on G2A along with a demonstration of how the ad can not be turned off (in addition to ad blockers).

As you might expect, several indie developers have come together against this practice and, what's more, they are even asking players to simply pirate their games if they are buying from G2A, right? The reason behind this is that, regardless of whether you pirate your game or buy it to G2A, both mean zero profit for the developers, but the first option at least does not add more coins to the pockets of G2A.

If you are curious to know how G2A works and its bad state, look at the screenshot below, which explains it very well (thanks DannyOnPC):

When real developers tell you to pirate their games instead of buying them from a dubious reseller, you know something is not right. Hopefully this will be solved soon since the developers should be making money for all their hard work, and not just for a reseller.