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If this page has popped up in your search, it definitely means you are looking for a GAMESPLANET voucher code. However, before getting into that, let’s look at what GAMESPLANET is all about.

GAMES PLANET and What is it about?

It is basically a website that allows you to download games. GAMESPLANET is based in Germany, France, and the UK and has been in the market as a licensed reseller since 2006. This means that they offer legal services and all of their keys come from the Publisher. Whether its new releases or preorders, they offer the best deals to video game lovers. Not only do they have PC games, but also offer Mac games and games for Linux.

How Can You Download a Game with a Gamesplanet voucher code?

Most of the games available on this platform are for Uplay, Origin, and Steam. A gamer can download it as many times as he or she wants and for a bit older games, you can make unlimited downloads. You can burn these games on DVD to maintain a backup.

Payment Method

A person can make a payment through various mediums, such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc., and can also make a payment in bitcoin. The personal data of users and their credit card information are fully secured, because GAMESPLANET uses SSL security to safeguard the valuable information.

They have done an agreement with the publishers of the games. It means that the games are sold on their behalf after they give permission. By offering these games to video gamers, GAMESPLANET is making a great contribution in enabling the industry to create fun and exciting games. This is exactly why you can get pre-load keys or preorder always on time from the publisher of a game.

GAMESPLANET also make presales before they are officially released in the market. The process is carried out through a crowdfunding website called The client has to sign up with the crowdfunding platform and use the payment method available on their website in order to make a purchase.


GAMESPLANET is very strict about the confidentiality of clients’ data. This is why they have great security measures in place. A person has to create an ID and password. No one can access the password except the client and GAMESPLANET will never ask them to reveal it.

Customer Support

You can always contact customer support in case of any query or issue and can reach them via Twitter, Facebook, or email. During weekdays, you can receive the response within an hour, but the service is unavailable on weekends. Make sure you enter the order number while placing a query via email. Directly contact them in case of any query. However, if the issue is not fixed, you can contact the publisher as well.

In case you have any questions, you can always do live chat and their support staff will be there to respond to your concerns. All in all, it is a fully encrypted and reliable platform where you can legally purchase games in a secure environment.