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EDIT: Gamivo tried to remove my review because they marked it as not legitimate. Good job guys, absolutely pathetic service. Quick to remove my review, but slow to respond to my customer service inquiries. THE OH EL.
Acquired a definitive license key from AVG 2018 through one of Gamivo's merchants. As soon as the payment was made, I was received with the product key, after several attempts, it seems that this key is not valid / has been used previously. I confirmed this by trying to activate both the AVG software that is connected to my AVG account, and the Activation of the license page on the AVG website, both in vain, unfortunately. Being a subject sensitive to time, I contacted the customer service of Gamivo, who assured me that we would soon have news of the merchant, only a generic response. A day passed without updates from Gamivo, so I contacted them again to see what was happening; I still have not received an update from the merchant, I recommended that you call the merchant to follow up sooner rather than later, since I will simply buy the key elsewhere if you can not provide me with a key that works. Now it has been more than 2 days without updates, and it seems that I am only receiving generic responses from Gamivo, they are not very interested in sending personalized answers; instead, they're just sending me canned answers. I have given them some long answers with some options, and I have also asked them if they can give me an approximate time to act accordingly; I have also asked if there are service level agreements [SLA], instead of responding directly to the questions, they have avoided the whole situation. So instead of a happy customer, I have left a bitter taste in my mouth and quite unhappy. I understand the risks that it takes when buying in this type of sites, although it is not acceptable when the customer service is so poor; Especially when you pay extra for your "Client Protection Program" – it only seems to be a cash theft if you ask me. I can see that positive comments outweigh bad ones, even if you are buying something that is time sensitive; You may want to look elsewhere to buy. Your paid support is also known as "Resolution of a contact", yes … RIGHT! It is clearly a marketing gimmick to make it look better than it really is. PS: I have also bought an AVG Ultimate key previously without problems with which I am very happy. But it is always that experience that you get where you are dissatisfied. If I get a resolution before the weekend, and it's a good one, this revision will be updated. Although it does not look very positive at this stage.