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OP has a blue name highlighted in a thread, it is not necessary to clarify that: P

G2A sites are famous for broken / stolen / illicit keys, and the fact that each site charges you an undefined and expensive protection subscription fee to protect against such, even if any legitimate market place offers it for free.
Even if you think super skeevy protection rackets are good for the market, the fact that official G2A sales (ie, HRK) ALSO requires you to guarantee that your keys will work, is ridiculous …
… especially because G2A is KNOWN for stealing the keys it uses (from the illegal purchase of packages for commercial use, which is at least blatantly illegal in the US, and from the organization of free game draws; is the reason why the vast majority of their games are previously free, and the reason why everyone in the thread indicates that they already know what key they will receive (working or not: P)).

Finally, they then have staff * who comment on how wonderful G2A is for new people to use it, and they will answer anyone who says the site is otherwise, but calls them for the problems they mention. they have gone fast fast …

* They might be strangely rabid fanatics, but the common conception is that they are staff members, in large part because of things like leading the G2A steam groups; P

It is an unpleasant disaster: X

Well, ORLY is the only "legitimate" site so far under the G2A banner, since it SEEMS that they actually obtained development permission from most of the draws (which means that the keys really work reliably!) ( And, as free draws, they should be safe from any illegality, anyway).
Some people seem to have problems with the structure of the site (like the payment mechanisms to win for the draws), but apart from the fact that the site has a bit of buggy, they have not bothered me yet.

In any case, it's not illegal or it's just a scam, so far better than the rest: X

Simply avoid any G2A-affiliated site other than the ORLY gift section (ORLY is also very careful with the protection problems / problems mentioned above) and will be fine. 🙂

Oh, and they've told me they're doing data / email farm sales, so if you sign up for topics like this thread, you might use an unwanted email account.