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In recent years, the way of consuming the game on PC has changed. Dematerialization, the advent of Steam and the recent arrival of key CD stores (and their changes that touch or even sometimes violate the law) have profoundly changed the mentality of the players.

cd key - a difficult market

For the players, the comfort gain (to relativize according to the bandwidth we have) and the savings achieved is very good. For the editors, the grass is not so green, there is a loss, or rather a significant loss of profits, that some try to contain more or less debatable. Many players still remember the case. Ubisoft or more recently ZeniMax. They did not hesitate to deactivate the keys Far Cry 4 Y The Elder Scrolls Online, bought in "unofficial" key sites. Others have opted for "blockage of region" products. The principle is simple, a European key can only be activated and used in Europe. This method is increasingly used by publishers. In some places we can see that the price of Russian keys seems derisory compared to the price of our keys. I will not dwell on the subject, but it simply reflects a different economy, the euro is stronger, Europe is richer than Russia and publishers have to adapt to the requirements of each market. Wait to sell your games.

As a great consumer of videogames, my goal, like many players, is to practice my hobby to spend as little as possible, in more or less recent games, and to be sure that my key does not come from a dark Russian merchant. To achieve this, I use the many means at my disposal and verify that the distributor is approved. It's not always easy, and I need some useful tools and lists of merchants certified by the editor.



IsThereAnyDeal : Probably the essential site for any player looking for the best offer through a database that compares more than 25 merchant sites! It shows many things: packages currently on sale, discount coupons available at various commercial sites and, in general, games. Whenever you search for a title to buy, do not hesitate to fill it in the search bar, and ITAD will show the site that offers the most attractive price (we will also be entitled to the basic price registered for a title) just click on the link that appears. will return on the merchant's page. Being smaller, it is possible to register and synchronize your wish list Steam, which will send notifications to players according to the rules introduced, for example: "Notification by email if The Witcher 3 is below the bar". € 10 "


Improved Steam : a small module available in virtually all Internet browsers worthy of the name, Steam Enhanced will analyze the Steam Store page in which it will add certain information, such as the lowest current price, the lowest historical price or the lowest price. number of players currently in the game, their daily activity peak, as well as their activity record.

Hello VPN : another extension … a little more questionable! Hello VPN, as the name implies, allows to go through a VPN (virtual private network) to "cheat" a little about our location. Keep in mind that in most use contracts, this is forbidden … Therefore, we can not recommend it, although it is often advantageous.



It will sound silly, but the 2 most effective ways to find the best deals are curiosity and patience! In fact, the extensions are very nice, but all this works autonomously and uses small robots at regular intervals to update the rates. And these delays can sometimes make you lose some special flashes, which is sometimes a pity. Once again, I take the example with Nuuvem, who proposed the episodes of Batman Arkham at € 1.50 / piece. It's not bad, right?

Non-exhaustive list of authorized resellers: