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If you want to get a copy of Bioware's latest epic space work, here are the cheapest copies you can find across the country and online.

PC: $ 59
PS4 / XBO: $ 69

$ 59 for a retail copy on PC is a good deal, considering that EA is charging $ 89.99 through Origin for the standard edition.

Mighty Ape

PC / PS4 / XBO: $ 69

Uniform price on all platforms and parity with JB Hi-Fi consoles.

PC / PS4 / XBO: $ 78

Pretty standard for an AAA release of The Gamesmen here. It should be noted that you probably do not want to get the PC version: it's just a download code, and the price does not match well with online retailers offering the same thing.

PC: $ 89.95
PS4 / XBO: $ 99.95

EB is executing an agreement in which you can get any version of the game for $ 59 if you exchange a PS4, XBO or Nintendo Switch game. It's probably not a bad business, since most people probably have one or two games that they can not play and can download.

(Online) PS4 / XBO: $ 84
(In the store) PS4 / XBO: $ 75

Press Start reported that Big W will sell Andromeda for $ 75 at the store, but it will cost you $ 84 through your online store.

Origin (PC only)

Standard Edition: $ 89.99
Deluxe Edition: $ 99.99
Super Deluxe Edition: $ 119.99

The only difference between the deluxe and super deluxe editions is a weekly multiplayer booster pack every week for 20 weeks, which seems like a waste of money. The deluxe edition comes with the soundtrack, a range of skins and weapons, and some reinforcement packs on the side as well.


PS4 / XBO: $ 79

Target Australia confirmed the price before this week through Twitter, as they usually do. Pretty standard for an AAA game, really.

Harvey Norman

PS4 / XBO: $ 69

Decent offer from old buddy Gerry, here.

PC (source key): $ 67.99
PS4 / XBO: $ 73.99

Decent offers, but if you buy something with the Origin key, you will have to take into account the long shipping time.

XBO / PS4 (American version): $ 79.71
PS4 / XBO (Europe): $ 93

PC / PS4 / XBO (download only): $ 78.11

Pretty decent price for Amazon digital codes. It will be fun to see how the prices of the keys change once Amazon opens properly in Australia.

PC (source key): ~ $ 66-70

For those who have no qualms about buying through the markets, you will have to shell out at least $ 66.

PC (source key): $ 61.18

Again, if you do not mind venturing into this part of the Internet, you can save a few dollars (although JB Hi-Fi's boxed offer is still cheaper).

PC (source key): ~ $ 58-66

Not for everyone, but the price is quite reasonable if you do not mind buying from an aggregator.

So those are the cheapest copies of Mass effect: Andromeda in the store and online. See a price that you like, or is delaying Andromeda until later in the year?