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Starting Monday, July 1, the list to ensure the highest position jump on our top 30 list in each monthly global team ranking update will earn a seven-day bootcamp for a total of six people at the Kinguin Esports Performance Center (EPC), a top-level European bootcamp installation.

The winners will fly from anywhere in the world to Warsaw, where they will receive accommodation for professional players and will have access to high-quality training facilities, on-site meals and a complimentary massage session per player.

The first winner of the EPC Shooting Stars Award will be announced today.

As one of Europe's most advanced esport training centers, the Kinguin Esports Performance Center spans 21,000 square feet and features state-of-the-art training rooms and analysts, a conference room, 21 game rooms to house up to 26 players , two kitchens, games room, gym, dining room and rest area. The center will also provide a professional chef, a sports psychologist, trained physiotherapists and a dedicated concierge service for access to full-time assistance during training camps.

"Our partnership with HLTV was based on the mutual belief that sports development teams should have access to equipment and resources to perform at their maximum levels," said Viktor Wanli, founder and CEO of Kinguin.

"We can not wait to welcome these players to the Esports Performance Center and provide them with dedicated support to give them a competitive edge in their next game."

Below are the rules that apply to eligible squads:

– Travel expenses are covered by up to 3,000 EUR for European teams and 5,000 EUR for teams from the rest of the world.
– The teams have up to three months to redeem the EPC Shooting Stars award.
– Teams must confirm within two weeks if they can make use of the EPC Shooting Stars award; If not, the next highest jumper receives the prize.
– In case of a tie, the team that ensures the highest position in the ranking wins the EPC Shooting Stars award.
– In the case of changes in the lineup, the three-man core retains the rights to the EPC Shooting Stars award.