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In 2013, approximately 92 percent of sales of computer games were made digitally, a fact that was evident in the Steam user base that exceeded 65 million in the same year. In addition to buying games directly through the Steam web store, users can redeem Steam keys, also called codes, purchased from other online providers or retail copies to redeem a copy of that game on Steam. Retail stores also offer Steam gift cards so you can make purchases without revealing your financial information.

Game codes

Certain retail and digital games offer Steam keys, which allow you to activate a code through the Steam client to redeem a copy of the game on the platform. While receiving a Steam key is more common among providers who specialize in the digital distribution of PC games, Valve provides a limited list of retail games whose keys are activated on Steam, such as the "Total War" and "Call" series. of Duty. " To redeem a game code, select "Add a game" on the bottom of the client, followed by "Activate a product on Steam." Here, you can enter the code and immediately start downloading the game. You can not redeem game codes directly from the Steam website.

Steam wallet and gift codes

You can buy Steam Wallet gift cards at retail stores in fixed denominations: $ 20, $ 50 or $ 100. You can spend these funds on anything the site sells: games, software, exchange cards and community rewards. An additional advantage of using a gift card is never having to provide financial information online. If you have Steam Wallet funds in your account, Steam uses this option by default when making a purchase. You can redeem a gift card directly from the Steam website (see Resources for the link) or by clicking on the "Games" menu on the Steam client and selecting "Redeem a Steam wallet code".

Direct financing from Steam Wallet

As an alternative to redeeming a gift card, you can also add funds directly to your Steam Wallet from a debit or credit card. Using a browser or your Steam client, navigate to the store page and click on the dollar sign below your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on "Add funds to your steam wallet" to fund $ 5, $ 10, $ 25, $ 50 or $ 100 denominations at a time. Unlike Steam Wallet gift cards, this method requires you to provide Steam with your financial information, but you do not need to keep it in your account.

Problem solving

If your Steam code does not work, check the characters twice to make sure everything is correct; a "B" could be seen as an "8", for example. If a code does not work, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product for more help, such as changing the code that does not work for a new one. If you still have difficulties, contact Valve directly with detailed information about the circumstances. Be prepared to provide your code along with your receipt in all cases.