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What are the G2A PAY payment system when you make the payment?

Paypal top up – G2A wallet

Credit cards: Fast and easy! It is not registered, BUT the entry card number is needed each time.

G2A Portfolio: connect to credit card and pay by credit card

G2A Portfolio: connect to the Paypal account and recharge money.

UnionPay – Credit card (China / Hong Kong)



BitCoin / Bitbay

WebMoney Countries:

(Armenia / Azerbaijan / Belarus / Cyprus / Estonia / Georgia / Israel / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan /

Latvia / Lithuania / Moldova / Russia / Thailand / Turkmenistan / Ukraine / Uzbekistan)

Yandex Money Countries:

(Armenia / Azerbaijan / Belarus / Georgia / Israel / Kazakhstan /

Kyrgyzstan / Moldova / Russia / Turkmenistan / Ukraine / Uzbekistan)

The following is the tutorial of how to register a G2A account, connect to Paypal, recharge up to the G2A wallet.

When you are ready to pay, select the payment method of G2A PAY, Then click, SUBMIT

On the next page, click on SUBMIT.

In the bottom right of this page, you can select Langugae.
If you want to use Credit cards To pay, please click Credit cards.

If you have registered a G2A portfolio account, click on G2A Portfolio.
if you have Paypal account, You could Add Paypal funds to the G2A portfolio. Please click G2A wallet.

If you have a G2A wallet account, simply click on Login to pay.
If you do not have a G2A wallet account, simply click on Register to register a new account. The next page will show you how to register.

How to register a G2A wallet account, complete your email box and set the password.
After clicking on Register, the G2A will send 1 email link to confirm your account to your email INBOX OR SPAM BOX.

Please, find out this email and click to confirm successfully.

Then the page will show that you are paying with the G2A wallet. Click on it, and go to the top page of Paypal to G2A Wallet.

If there are sufficient funds in your G2A portfolio account, just pay.
If there are insufficient funds, click: Add Paypal funds to G2A Wallet.

On the next page, please click Payment methods To (Connect to Paypal) before adding funds.