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HTTPS Everywhere makes it possible to force / restrict the website cjs-cdkeys.com, using HTTPS only on some of its pages, to do so on all its pages (protection of your privacy)

The place cjs-cdkeys.com has an SSL certificate (Sscrubbing Sockets theYesterday) (Protocol of security of exchanges in Internet, called TLS (Security of the layer of transport) from 2001) and it uses the secure communication protocol HTTPS. However, the site cjs-cdkeys.com Do not use it on all its pages.

The protocol of secure communication between you (your computer, the client (the "client" software installed on your computer, essentially web browsers) in the client / server Web relationship) and the site server cjs-cdkeys.comHTTPS protects your data and your privacy, including the data that you would enter in forms (payments, identifiers, personal and confidential data, etc.), in contrast to the non-secure HTTP protocol.

HTTPS establishes communication between your computer and the site cjs-cdkeys.com with encryption (encryption), authentication and integrity, which makes it difficult for an attacker to read or modify their data as they travel from or to cjs-cdkeys.com.

For example, one of the forms of data attacks, when they move between your computer and cjs-cdkeys.com it's called MITM (Man-In-Tthe-MIddle or, in French, HDM – Hike Dor Medio). These are attacks in which the attacker gets between two communicators (for example, the client workstation and the site server). cjs-cdkeys.com), without the knowledge of both, investing the communication channel. Read:

HTTPS Everywhere is a free computer security code, developed and deployed by one of the world leaders in personal rights protection: the powerful and feared EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). It is an international non-governmental non-profit organization, founded in 1990 in the United States by Mitch Kapor, John Gilmore and John Perry Barlow (lyricist of Greateful Dead and known for being the author of the Declaration of independence of cyberspace).

HTTPS everywhere forces the site cjs-cdkeys.com use secure protocol HTTPS In general, on all its pages.

How is HTTPS everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an additional software component (an extension) for the browsers Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox for Android.

HTTPS Everywhere works under the web browsers Firefox, Firefox for Android, Google Chrome and Opera
HTTPS everywhere It works with the web browsers Firefox, Firefox for Android, Google Chrome and Opera.

the extension HTTPS everywhere uses intelligent HTTPS rewrite technology on the fly for all inquiries to and from site pages cjs-cdkeys.com What would be done in simple HTTP.

Simple and terribly effective!

Install HTTPS everywhere (free).


The .htaccess file must contain the following clause to force HTTPS on all pages of a site from the moment this site has an SSL certificate:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond% {SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Https: // your domain name. Your top level domain / $ 1 (R = 301, L)