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These days there is a lot of talk about inclusive education and a teacher training institute in Jaipur assigned the student teachers to organize interviews with some local retired educators to understand the concept and acquire the ability to interview as a method of accessing information.

A neighborhood
young man who is doing his teacher training course of a local
The university approached me, since after my retirement I had become
Freelance educational consultant. She asked me three questions to
Let it be a two minute interview. The interview has been given here in
The question (Q) and the response format (R).

Q1: many children
Rights activists and educators are advocating inclusion
education. What is inclusive education about?

R1: inclusive
Education is that mode of education that respects the diversity between
trainees and children of varied skills to learn together and
socialize accommodating their individual learning needs.

Q2: but because
It should be done?

A2: since it is
The right of all children to be accepted and to receive equitable learning.
Opportunity with other children. But, equality does not mean
similarity, rather it means education according to the needs of each
boy. Research has shown that inclusive education has so much
Benefits and leads to better psychosocial and improved benefits.
Rehabilitation of children with different abilities.

P3: But it seems
Being a tough proposal, how can it be achieved?

R3: there
Nothing hard and impossible for human beings. It can be done with
Adequate training prior to service, induction training, in-service training.
and teacher support system. Teachers need to become a method.
Teachers to implement differentiated learning techniques and
Cooperative learning techniques.

He thanked us and said that if our training institutes prepare us well for
inclusive education, it would be possible to implement
This mode of education deserves it. However, it does not
require two sets of teacher training institutes, one for special
Education, another for general education in that case.