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Ruth Anne

RuthAnne (also known as Ruth-Anne Cunningham) is a talented singer and songwriter who co-wrote several successful singles. Originally from Dublin, Ireland and based in London, United Kingdom, he co-wrote the hits of Niall Horan ("Slow Hands"), Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha ("In the Name of Love"), Britney Spears ("Work Bitch"). ). ") And JoJo (" Too little, too late ").

In addition to her credits in composition, Ruth Anne is a promising artist with a strong voice and soul, and will release her debut album early next year (2020). She has already released several singles (including "The Vow" and "Love Again") that show her potential as an artist. In addition to that, she has been the featured singer with Lindsey Stirling, Zedd, Rob Thomas, JRY and other artists.

Ruth Anne grew up in Dublin and started singing and writing songs at the age of eight. He learned to play the piano and was inspired to listen to Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and other artists. When I was a teenager, I was already quite advanced as a singer-songwriter to fly to Los Angeles and collaborate with the best composers and producers.

At the age of 17, RuthAnne co-wrote "Too Little Too Late" in Los Angeles with the successful composers Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander. In 2006, it became a worldwide success for JoJo. This success established him quickly as a writer of pop songs to watch.

In 2013, Ruth Anne moved to Los Angeles and co-wrote the hits of Britney Spears ("Work Bitch") and Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha ("In the Name of Love"). He has also co-written two songs for the multi-platinum One Direction album, Fourand she has had cuts with John Legend, Pentatonix, Maren Morris, Westlife, Lindsey Stirling and other artists.

It was in 2017 that Ruth Anne had a key collaboration with the successful artist, Niall Horan (formerly in One Direction). She co-wrote five songs that made Horan's first album. hesitate, including the hit "Slow Hands". She also writes songs with Horan for her second follow-up album.

RuthAnne recently signed a global music publishing contract with Reservoir (independent music publisher). She works closely with Donna Caseine (Executive Vice President of Creative at Reservoir).

We are happy to do this new interview with RuthAnne. She tells how she started and how she co-wrote her successful songs. She also discusses her career as an artist and her upcoming album.

Here is the video of Ruth Anne's single, "Love Again."

DK: I read that you grew up in Ireland. How did you start as a songwriter and singer?

Ruth Anne: I was really obsessed with music … I always remember singing and writing songs. I wrote my first song when I was 7 years old. My dad gave me a 2-track tape recorder with a plug-in microphone. We also had a piano at home, so I started to learn to play myself and then to write on the piano.

When I was 13 years old, I formed a group of girls with friends, because I wanted to listen to the harmonies and listen to the songs I wrote. Then I got this free CD called Ejay Hip-Hop Loops, and I set rhythms and wrote songs about it. That's how I started … writing the song was a great therapeutic thing for me.

DKWhen you were growing up, did you also want to be an artist?

Ruth Anne: I always wanted to sing. Every time we went on vacation, I sang in karaoke contests. I also played in musical theater productions. I was known in my area for being a singer and my goal has always been to be an artist.

But then, I started writing songs for other artists, when I co-wrote "Too Little Too Late" for JoJo, and started my career as a composer. People wanted me to write songs for their artists. Then, a little by accident, my trip was different at the beginning. I started as a professional composer and when people started listening to my voice, they said to themselves: "You must also be an artist". So this is a loop for me as an artist.

DK: How did you write "Too little too late" with Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander?

RuthanneIt was my first trip to Los Angeles, I was 17 years old and it was only my third day of co-writing. When we wrote this song, it was originally for me to record as an artist. I recorded it, but I also thought it would be good for JoJo, but I did not tell Billy or Josh. Then, two years later, after the song circulated, they called me and said: "JoJo wants to do it". And I was on the moon, because I knew it was the right thing to do. .

Here is the video of the success of Slow Hands, by Niall Horan, who
It was co-written by RuthAnne.

DK: When you co-write, do you think that writing melody and lyrics is your strength? And you play the piano when you write?

Ruth AnneWhen I'm in a room writing with other people, my strength is the melody and the lyrics. I'm faster with my lyrics and melodies. When I write alone, I write on the piano and play the piano as part of my concerts. But during the writing sessions, I'm quite superior.

DK: In 2013, you co-wrote the title "Work Bitch" by Britney Spears. How did you establish a link with the other authors and write this song?

Ruth Anne: I was working with one of the co-writers, Anthony Preston … he was working with (writer / producer) will.i.am. We had written a lot of melodies and lyrics that are now in "Work Bitch", but they were on a different track. And then, when Anthony was working with will.i.am, he heard what they had started for "Work Bitch" and sang will.i.am what we had done. will.i.am then said: "These parts agree, let Britney record these parts too, and I'll gather them."

Later, I received a call from Anthony saying: "Hey, guess who is singing the song we wrote". And I said: "We never finish that." He played and said, "Oh, my God … is it Britney Spears?" He said: "Yes, his album will be released in four days!" It was a big surprise, and I loved the way he did, I grew up listening to Britney, so being part of her music impressed me. "

DK: A few years later (2016), he had a hit with "In the name of love" for Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha. How did this song come together?

Ruth AnneIt was really interesting. Matt Rad and I (the writer / producer) Matt went to work that day, but our session was canceled. And a writer with whom she walked to work, Ilsey Juber, also had a session canceled. Then my editor called and said, "Would you like to add Ilsey to your session with Matt?" I said, "Let's do it, it would be really good."

When we met, I said: "Let's write a song called" In the name of love ", it could really be a hymn." I started singing the couplet and Ilsey started to finish my sentences (laughs). Then, 40 minutes later, we had the whole song … Matt was playing chords on a synthesizer. Then we recorded the demo, but it was not until two years before it came out. It was one of those songs that people liked, but it took a while to find a house.

Here is the video of Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha, "In the name
of love ", co-written by RuthAnne.

He kept telling Matt: "You need a DJ, you need a great piece." Matt found Martin Garrix (successful DJ / producer), then they made the eraser and Martin got Bebe Rexha, then it all started. This is one of my favorite songs, because of the way it was written and created. It was an unexpected blow for us.

DK: You co-wrote five songs with Niall Horan for his solo album hesitate, including the tube "Slow Hands". Can you talk about your collaboration with Niall?

Ruthanne: I had worked on some One Direction songs for their album, Four. It was with Julian Bunetta and John Ryan (the successful writer / producer) who were the main team of One Direction for the last albums. Through this, I met several times with One Direction, and Matt Rad, with whom I played "In the Name of Love", was invited to go to the studio with Niall and Louis (Tomlinson) to write the fifth album. of one direction (Done at the moment). And he said: "I want to bring Ruth Anne." And Niall had heard about me … they knew who I was because of the songs I had written. Four. So they said yes. Then, the day I went to work with Niall, Louis did not participate in the session. So, Niall and I write some different ideas and get along. We became friends and we kept in touch.

Then, after the release of the next One Direction album, Niall sent me a text message that said, "Would you be interested in writing with me for my first solo album?" And I told Niall: "Of course I would." We entered and the first day we wrote "You and Me", which is in his album, and on the second day we wrote "Seeing Blind", which is the duet with Maren Morris.

I ended up writing five songs with Niall who made his album. We did one with Greg Kurstin (the best-selling author / producer) entitled "Since we're alone", and we did "Slow Hands" and "Fire Away" with Julian Bunetta and John Ryan. So for me it was a very easy process, because every day I worked with him, those songs were on his album. And we became very good friends. Niall had such a vision for his album: he knew how he was and had this book of ideas. Then, as a writer, it was a dream collaboration, because it was very easy to give me the answers. And we wrote together for his next album.

Here is the video of JoJo's success "Too Little Too Late", which
It was co-written by RuthAnne.

DK: You have also written and recorded songs for your own album, and I like your songs "Love Again" and "The Vow". Can you talk about your side of the artist and your next album?

Ruth Anne: Yes, I'm editing an album … I've had many songs for years. I composed songs and built my artist name. Basically, I felt that the songs I wrote were all my stories and very personal. It's really my voice and my story in every song, and I'm also involved in the production and mixing. I worked with extraordinary collaborators and producers who were very willing to let me express my vision. And this led to songs like "The Vow" and "Love Again".

DK: When will your album be released?

Ruth Anne: It will be released at the end of January (2020). I'm with an independent label called The Other Songs, which goes through Kobalt. It is a label created by Alastair Webber and Billy Webber (the children of Andrew Lloyd Webber).

DK: While you record your own album, do you still write songs for other artists?

Ruth Anne: Yes A few years ago, I realized that I like the creativity of making my own album and writing songs for other artists. It's an extra creative way of doing both and I've definitely learned to balance them. I just did a month and a half tour in Europe, and a month in Los Angeles, writing for other people. So I only do it in pieces and I give priority to the artists in whom I believe and with whom I want to work. I also write a lot with DJs for their projects and I have many features (as a singer) to appear. It's great. I just want to keep doing as much as I can.