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Kinguin does not sell games or copies of Windows. Kinguin is primarily a market where people can sell their Windows keys or their keys. In your market, you will find from Windows keys (Pro and Home variants) to World of Warcraft time slots, CSGO skis, popular game keys (such as PUBG), software (such as antivirus and Microsoft Home Office).

What happens if I buy through Kinguin and the key does not work?

The Redditor bought a key to a classic hobby, but when it was activated, it said it was already in use. And when he pressed Kinguin, he fought to convince them to respect the code he had bought. In the end, they returned the money, but if the user's Reddit thread had not exploded, who knows if they would have done the right thing or not?

Kinguin Client Protection

Kinguin offers the client's defense for his keys. Kinguin shows the following regarding the protection of the buyer … You are protected against any lack of quality of these products caused by the seller (invalid keys, doubles, etc.). By disabling it, the customer assumes full responsibility for any possible concern. In other words, if you do not buy the Client Protection through Kinguin, you have no protection if the key is not valid. Which is honestly hugely stupid. The Kinguin buyer's defense varies by section, but generally does not exceed $ 7 or more. And, well, it takes the cost of things like Windows 10 from $ 30 to ~ $ 37, which in the grand scheme of things is still much less expensive than acquiring a copy of Windows from Amazon or Microsoft. (For games, the client's defense is less). But the fact that you have to pay more to make sure that your purchase is protected makes the whole business model even more murky. We can say that you would be protected anyway … They say mainly … "Our market is shady and they will probably cheat you, but if you pay us a few dollars, we guarantee that we will protect you from the merchants". What we allow in our market. In any case, Buyer Protection and if you want to buy Kinguin discount codes, you must add them to your purchase. And, even with the cost of buyer protection, most products cost a little less than if you bought them through normal solutions. However, it is a little ridiculous that you have to pay extra for your purchases to be satisfied or reimbursed.}

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