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After three weeks of playing in the LEC, we are finally seeing a separation between good and bad teams. G2 Esports continues playing as if they were the best team and they know it. But right behind them there are two playoff teams from last summer in Schalke 04 and Vitality.

G2 will have a big test in the fourth week when they face Vitality and Fnatic. Fnatic was not well divided, but they finally won a victory last week against Rogue before losing again to Misfits. How much did they arrest their 1-1 when falling in the rankings of power?

To answer that question, our writers assigned points scores to each team from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). Here are the results:

Rank Team points
one) G2 Esports twenty
two) Team vitality 18
3) FC Schalke 04 fifteen
4) Misfits Gaming 14
5) Origin 13
6) Splyce eleven
7) Fnatic 8
8) SK Gaming 5
8) Excel Esports 5
10) Rogue two

Fnatic came out of the basement, but they did not get very far.

Out of the darkness: Fnatic, Excel, SK, Rogue

Photo via Riot Games

The only one of these teams that really does not have shots is Rogue. With the changes in the center lane and the possible increase of magicians there, things could get worse for them.

Our voters did not agree with the relative strength of Excel and Rogue. SK went 0-2 last week, but Excel has only one quality victory on their resume. The Marc Marc "Caedrel" jungler Lamont won some games with H2k last year by somehow convincing his opponents to pitch, and he seems to have brought that luck to Excel. However, that is not a reliable strategy, H2k was still the worst team in the league.

Fnatic managed to get out of the ninth, but they still showed a lot of problems and have a long way to go if they want to be considered contenders again.

Playoff teams: Schalke, Misfits, Origin, Splyce.

Photo via Riot Games

Unless they come back from Fnatic, these four look like the playoff teams that we will have this division. Schalke is playing the best at this time, and they made solid contributions from the entire list last week. They are one of the fastest teams after the G2. The misfits continue to have a good track record, but their late game is a coin toss.

Origen had the opportunity to prove his worth, but he fell against vitality. Jonas "Kold" Andersen has not yet achieved it. Andre Splyce's jungler Andre "Xerxe" Dragomir had a similar slow start, but is starting to play better even though his team went 0-2 last week.

There are still two at the top: G2, Vitality.

Photo via Riot Games

For a long time, only two teams met in duel at the top, but for much of the division were G2 and Misfits. G2 plays fast and loose and, sometimes, too far, but usually they can be together again.

Vitality is again at the top playing as it did last summer: through the lane Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro. He returned to the scams that made the team have a lot of fun last year.