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Festivals and live events are the perfect place to meet new friends and share great memories together. Some people even go a step further and know the love of their lives, like [these people who met their partner at a music festival]. But if you're like me and it seems you can not find the right Mr. or Mrs., you may need a little help. The dating experts, Match and Festicket, created a unique experience for singles at one of our new members of the event, Margarita Rumble, to launch a memorable night full of daisies, laughter and, of course, singles!

The Match singles event was part of the Margarita Rumble VIP session, which meant that the guests could experience the festival one hour earlier than everyone else, in other words, more time to enjoy the cocktails! We met in the VIP area to meet the rest of the group, who immediately and naturally clicked on the conversations that flowed, which was not difficult considering that the group was there because of their love of the events and, of course, the daisies.

In an exclusive offer for match singles, we jumped from bar to bar, where we were taught by the best in the industry on how to prepare delicious cocktails, followed by trying them ourselves. The melodies of a DJ house and disco in the background also gave him a true "party" feeling. The master class experience was fun, very inclusive and now we can show our margarita mixology skills at parties.

It was time for the rest of the festival to open to the holders of standard tickets, and the next was a round of the traditional "Lottery Bingo". Mexican, with a hint of high energy party, without two fat ladies & # 39; or shady-looking rooms here! The host and the attendees were resourceful, dressed fabulously and launched fast fire games to the crowd, including a dance round with the song "Amigos". One of the singles even won a £ 20 coupon for winning one of the extravagant games.

With the event coming to an end, the singles group, and even a possible couple! – He decided to continue the party in the center of the city of Manchester. Match offers the opportunity to meet other singles who share similar interests in a fun, informal and interactive experience like Margarita Rumble, or any other food and music event, creates a unique opportunity to create memories together without the typical "first date" awkwardness . If you're single and looking to find one at a festival or live event this summer, do not miss the Match event lists on their website.