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mtg rare mythical free sand

Wizards of the Coast has announced that you can get three rare Mythic free cards from MTG Arena right now! The digital version of the beloved card game offers some extremely rare cards for all players at a zero cost, which is a deal you should not miss.

This free code will only work until the next week, July 2So make sure you claim your cards sooner rather than later!

Each player will receive his rare Free Myths of MTG arena from the Ravnica, Ravnica at War or War of the Spark Random Guilds sets.

Free card code and how to enter

All you need to do to get your rare Mythic free cards is to enter a promotion code in the game. That code is "Mythic"And you must enter it exactly as you see it there. The codes in MTG Arena They are case-sensitive, which means you must make sure you write it as we did.

The complete code must be in upper case and in a single word. To enter the code, you must go to the store tab on the main screen of the game. While you're in the tab of the game store, you should see the promotion codes section.

Simply enter the code Mythic there and automatically you will be given the three mythical rare. The cards are random, but you should not receive duplicates.

For more free MTG Arena promotion codes, you can check here the new codes available during the Chronicles event or here for a complete list of available codes. all available codes.

Mythic rare cards are an excellent addition to almost any deck, but, of course, not all cards suit every style of play. Our personal preference would be the letter from Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God Planeswalker, but it might not be useful for your particular deck collection.

What you need to know about Nicol Bolas

Nicol Balls Dragon God MTG Mythic Card

We have the summary for you in three of the excellent free MTG Arena mythical rates you can get. Starting with the Nicol Bolas card, Dragon-God Planeswalker, this is a very popular card that is used in many decks of different colors. It is really amazing that this card is offered for free.

That's because the card of Nicol Bolas, God of the Dragon just came out recently as part of the most recent expansion Spark War. To this we add its popularity in the competitive scene and it is quite kind on the part of Wizards of the Coast to make it possible to obtain it for free.

For starters, Nicol Bolas has the impressive ability to be able to use the loyalty skills of all the other Planeswalkers on the battlefield. On top of that, he also has his own loyalty skills as expected.

The first is a loyalty skill plus one that makes you draw a card, while your opponent has to exile a card from his hand or one of the permanent cards they control. The second ability that Nicol Bolas has costs three loyalties and can destroy a target creature or a Planeswalker.

The third and last skill for Nicol Bolas, God of the Dragon is his maximum ability. This incredible ultimate ability costs eight loyalty and automatically causes your opponent to lose combat if he does not have a legendary creature or planeswalker in the field.

How Aurelia works, Exemplary of Justice

Aurelia Exemplar of Justice MTG Mythical Card

However, if Nicol Bolas is not your style, here are two other cards that you could have in your hands! For example, the letter of Aurelia, Exemplary of Justice. This legendary angel creature card is for red and white hybrid decks and greetings from the Guilds of Ravnica expansion.

It is a legendary two / five angel creature card with flight. Your first skill is Mentor. This ability allows Aurelia to put a counter plus one / more one into the target attacking creature with less power. However, that's not all, since Aurelia has another ability that can make the tides change in your favor.

At the start of each turn, Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice will allow you to choose a target creature that is on your side of the field. Until the end of the turn, the target creature will get two more to attack and the trample ability if it is a red card or vigilance if it is white.

How Hydroid Krasis works

Hydroid Krasis MTG Mythic Card

Last but not least, let's take a look at the complicated Hydroid Krasis card. This card allows you to choose the number of ground cards you will use to summon it, which in turn affects the skills you have. When you call it for the first time, you will gain half of the land you use as life and you will also draw cards equal to half that number.

In those cases, you round down if it is not an even number. This legendary creature card has both flying and trampling, which makes it quite impressive. Last, but certainly not least, initially it is a zero / zero card, but it earns more than one / more counters for the amount of land you used to invoke it.

In summary, the three cards are great and worth buying, so be sure to use your code soon. After all, this code will not be available for much longer. It is in celebration of the Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020 which opens at the beginning of July.

Since the launch of the new expansion next week, this free code will only last until then. You have until July 2 when the new basic set falls for the video game to redeem the code, so act fast so you do not miss one of these incredible and rare rare cards of the game.