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Another redevelopment project is proposed for Chandler Street in Black Rock, but Rocco Termini is not heading this one. Joe Artanis' Chandler Place LLC is looking to renovate the existing 25,000 square feet. building and building a 4,992 square feet. Also, at 41 Chandler Street for a brewing operation, tasting room, offices and an apartment on the second floor. Artanis purchased the property of Keystone Tool Steel Specialty for $ 200,000 in April 2016. Artanis is co-founder of 3 Sons Brewing Co. in Dania Beach, Florida.

From the project application:

The interior layout of the existing building will have an 11,000-square-foot brewing operation south of the upper doors in the eastern half of the building. This will have proximity to the shipping needs. The clear area to the west will be additional tasting room and space for special events.

The proposed addition will house an additional tasting and space for special events, but will feature a fresh open-celled fermenter, a process that uses natural and native yeasts from the area to create specific hyperlocal flavors. The greenhouse will contain a wide variety of plants to contribute to this process and will also have operable panels to allow natural air circulation.

Two variations are needed for the project. The applicant is seeking approval of a seven-car parking lot for disabled clients and staff in front of the building. No other parking is provided. The second variance is to construct the facade lot line percentage. The addition was not built on the street line, but will be delayed with an informal outdoor landscaped event space and four fermentation tanks on this undeveloped piece.

The site is adjacent to the Food E complex of two buildings in Termini, where work is ongoing. Jet2727, LLC has applied for a liquor license to serve liquor, wine, beer and cider at a restaurant planned for Chandler's 27th. The directors of Jet2727 include Edward Forster, Jessica Railey, Jeff Yannuzzi, Anthony Rials Jr. and Joseph Fenush.

CJS Architects is working on the 41 Chandler plans that will be reviewed by the Zoning Appeals Board on Wednesday.

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