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Xiaomi, a company that does everything you can think of, and if not, do not worry. On the one hand, it is surprising what Xiaomi is going to do, directly under its brand, or with the help of its sub-brands in which it engages in various ways. On the other hand, it can be said that most of the times you think of it, you will get the right success. Therefore, it is expected that the new mechanical keyboard for Xiaomi games is among the most successful products.

One of the segments, which logically, after launching its range of laptops for games, is a type of support in "accessor", that is, related accessories. After the recently mentioned mouse, a new mechanical keyboard is now available. By the way, it is already the third in the Xiaomi offer (here we introduce Yuemi), but with a clear goal: to focus mainly on PC game players.

Again, the keyboard is made of high quality materials with the best possible processing, at a very affordable price. Also, in a traditionally minimalist design, without unnecessary excesses, unless you consider the RGB backlight as a fad.

Specifications for the new Xiaomi gaming keyboard.

The keyboard itself is made of a combination of aluminum and ABS plastic. Aluminum can be found in the form of the upper part, alloy Al 5052 comes from the production of the southern part of the Korean peninsula. And, above all, this piece has the keyboard to offer a distinctive seal of exclusivity. It is integrated in the black ABS plastic body. The matt surface was achieved by sandblasting. The entire piece is embossed and the perforations were laser cut and finally engraved. It should be noted that the keys are made of material. PBT + PC, which is a combination of plastics that guarantees a longer life.

The Xiaomi game keyboard hides a 32-bit processor SONIX ARM, It offers the user a series of key configurations, such as key programming, as well as the necessary RGB backlighting, even in the area. Mechanical keys of reach 3mm Hit and count on the platform a total of 104 (there is also a separate numerical part). The switches come from the production of TTC, similar to the keyboards introduced previously. Then we connect the keyboard to the computer with a cable, where we have the keyboard side USB port type C and on the side computers common USB port.

In the end, I will only add the price. The Xiaomi gaming keyboard is already on the market and Xiaomi offers it at a very nice price of 229 yuan (which is a little over $ 33) in its own online store. Of course, the keyboard is expected to appear slowly but surely with different resellers. However, expect a price in excess of $ 50 to $ 60.

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