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Offers PC games this weekend is a summary of old, new or upcoming games – which are available at an excellent price and can be activated on Steam, Origin or Uplay – sometimes even in old DRM-free games.

After a year of relatively modest "in house" offers, the Origin store finally offers a more modern game for players to download for free. Mass Effect 2 Many critics consider it the best of the original trilogy, and all you need to capture it is an Origin account and the Origin client, which you can set up here. Also, if you like the Bioware space opera and are willing to spend $ 10.99, you can get the full DLGamer series, and Mass effect: Andromeda – The next installment of the series – is also on the horizon.

Humble Store has two interesting offers, the first of which is the promotion of its subscription "Humble Monthly", which is a good way for passionate gamers to discover hand-selected independent games, timeless classics. The monthly package makes you back only $ 12 (even less if you choose a recurring plan), and also includes a AAA title to spice things up: the February offer is XCOM 2, an excellent turn based game that makes you guide the fierce resistance force of humanity against an alien invasion.

There are several additional benefits for Humble Monthly, such as independent games developed exclusively for subscribers, a 10% discount on purchases at Humble Store and the fact that 5% of the profits go to a charity.

The second agreement is called "The Humble Assassins Creed Bundle", and you can choose between several levels, depending on the games of the popular franchise that most interest you. If you pay $ 1 or more, you are guaranteed to obtain the original Assassin's Creed, and three 2.5D spin-offs: Assassin & # 39; s Creed Chronicles: India, Assassin & # 39; s Creed Chronicles: China, Y Chronicles of Assassin & # 39; s Creed: Russia.

If you spend more than the average ($ 8.13 / € 7.72 / £ 6.62 at the time of this writing), you will also get Assassin & # 39; s Creed Liberation HD, Assassin & # 39; s Creed III + Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy (DLC), and Assassin & # 39; s Creed II Deluxe Edition. If you are willing to share with $ 15 or more of your cash, you will get Killer creed unit Y Assasin & # 39; s creed The Brotherhood In addition to everything, and as with the monthly subscription, 5% of what you spend will go to a charity.

If the previous promotions were not enough, we have also selected some of the best offers in PC games that you can find in all online stores. Some of them are flash sales, so act quickly if you do not want to lose them. Also, if you're also looking for console games, check out the list of Xbox games you can get with Gold.

Preorder Rush

Deluxe Edition of Ghost Recon Wildlands by Tom Clancy – If you are waiting for the next third person tactical shooting game from Ubisoft, and you are drooling over the idea of ​​having the freedom to explore the Bolivian landscapes where the missions are carried out, unlike all the other entries in the franchise, you can Request the luxury edition for a little over $ 39 (€ 37 / £ 32) from Games Planet.

For honor – A game of piracy and court in a fantasy world of medieval inspiration, where you fight like a viking, a knight or a samurai for the honor of your faction, using a variety of weapons and special abilities, as well as a hand. hand combat system called "The art of battle". You can pre-order the deluxe version for about $ 39 (€ 37 / £ 32) from Games Planet.

Syberia 3 – In the era of release-now-patch-later, Microids has chosen to ensure that it comes out as polished as possible, even if this means a delay of several months, which makes it worthwhile to place an advance order, if only to encourage more Publishers do the same. Syberia 3 is a continuation of Kate Walker's adventures in Europe and Russia, and can be pre-ordered for only $ 31.99 from DLGamer.

AAA pumps

There is a series of popular AAA titles for sale, but we have selected only some of them that currently have a price close to or below their historical minimum:

Indie gems

Barrier xA super fast HypeTrain Digital runner in which you have to guide a spaceship to avoid walls with flat shadow while you follow a neon track. This will test your reflexes, and is currently free on Steam, although you can pay the price of $ 3 if you want to support the developer.

Be placedActually, far from this: this is another jewel of 2D platforms from the developers of Barrier X, but this time you run at great speed through a "defective" neon world full of all kinds of obstacles, which you can avoid or Destroy in your career until the end. It costs $ 6.79 on Steam, but several critics of the game think it's worth every penny.

The ExpendabrosA ridiculously funny crossover among celebrities. Broforce and the infamous The Expendables 3, and also one of the few indie games on Steam with more than 10,000 positive comments. It's free, so you have no excuse not to try.

Without DRM

Shadow Warrior Classic CompleteIf you are bored Shadow Warrior 2 and its ultra realistic graphics and you want to experience the original, know that you can capture it for free in GOG. It is not the Redux version, which presents the achievements of the GOG Galaxy and the remastered graphics, but does not have to pay the $ 9.29 tax for the updated graphics.

We would like to know: What games do you expect for 2017? Let us know in the comments section.