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If you have problems with the product key for your game, software or digital course, here are some common solutions you can try.

Find and confirm your code or code

If the purchase of your product includes a product key, serial number or activation code, you can always visit Your library of games and software to see or confirm your password. You can also find the code in the confirmation email that was sent to you when making the purchase. Once you have confirmed your product key, try entering the password again.

Enter exactly as shown

When you are asked to enter your product key during the installation or exchange process, be sure to enter it exactly as shown in Your library of games and software. Also make sure there are no spaces before or after the product key in the entry box. If your password has hyphens between characters (for example, 1234-5678-9012-3456), try entering the password with and without the hyphens.

Tip: Certain numbers and letters seem similar and often confuse each other. When entering your password, pay special attention to the following characters:

  • The number "1" and the lowercase letter "i" or the uppercase letter "I"
  • The number "0" and the capital letter "O"
  • The number "8" and the capital letter "B"
  • Two letters "v" and the letter "w"

Check your Internet connection and antivirus settings

Most digital games, software and online courses need a stable Internet connection for installation or activation. Verify your connection and make sure your antivirus, firewall or network configuration is not blocking access to the item's server or service provider.

Contact the publisher or service provider

If your password still does not work, contact the product's publisher or service provider.