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Almost everyone knows Kinguin, the little cute penguin The store represents Today we take a closer look at Kinguin and got a general description of the characteristics and peculiarities of the store.

About the Kinguin system

Kinguin works as G2A as global market. Again, key marketers around the world have the opportunity to put their offers online, so they are listed in Kinguin. Kinguin receives a commission from the seller for sale. But Kinguin makes another difference between the sellers, there are the so-called sellers of the community, but also officially verified merchants in Kinguin. Offers from a community member and a verified vendor are shown separately, which can be very beneficial. To be a verified seller in Kinguin, you must have your company officially certified.

Very good customer service.

The customer service can be contacted by the ticket system or live chat. This is a very easy to use solution that worked well in our tests. According to the own data, the live chat must be online throughout the day.

Kinguin buyer protection

The speed of customer service can be increased in cases of problems with the Kinguin Buyer Protection. You can activate them in Kinguin for a fee if you buy a game key. Here, the price varies between 1 and 3 euros, approximately 10 percent of the price of the product. Kinguin promises the following.

  • With Kinguin Buyer Protection you are the first priority for our Customer Service team. We will do everything we can.
  • 100% money back guarantee on random games if you already have the title you receive.
  • Kinguin Buyer Protection is a line in the sand. As our loyal customer, we want to defend your purchase against counterfeits, cheats and trolls.

Kinguin offers different payment options Depending on the country. The selection is great and you can see it. The number of offers is equally good. On special occasions, Kinguin launches interesting discount promotions, which should not be missed. Follow Kinguin on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates.