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Zac Purton may currently have the Hong Kong racing scene at his mercy, but I think the arrival of the Melbourne Cup winner, Blake Shinn, will shake things up significantly in the new season, while this week I am also offended by the labeling of Some of our Brilliant new breeds & # 39; pop-ups & # 39;


Zac Purton is a world-class jockey and is dominating in Hong Kong with another fabulous season, as he has won 156 winners, but is there any depth in the Mecca ranking of the game?

We are guilty of looking abroad believing that things are better than in our own backyard.

Copy a tip, they are not.

The more I see the Honkers races, the more I am convinced of that fact.

There are some able pilots in HK that do not misunderstand me, but I doubt there are any in the class of Hugh Bowman, Damien Oliver, James McDonald, Damien Lane, Craig Williams, Kerrin McEvoy, Jason Collett, Tommy Berry, Tim Clark, Josh Parr and Blake Shinn, who are scheduled to begin a six-month season at Honkers in September.

Yes, I know they call it "Magic" Joao Moreira, but we did not see much magic the last time he traveled here.

If you go through the list of main pilots, nobody stands out as a rider that you would put before our own boys.

If Blake Shinn can do his magic with the coaches and owners in Hong Kong when he begins his period in two months, he will make serious inroads and quickly.

However, Zac will not go anywhere shortly after competing with four other winners on Monday, including the ultra-impressive Aethero, a half-brother of the Everest Classique Legend contender.

He also got the last winner who paid an incredible $ 51 for the champion hoop.


As I mentioned not long ago at Macquarie Sports Radio, calling the new races that are added to our racing calendar "emerging careers" is an insult.

Everest, Golden Eagle, All Star Mile or The Gong and The Hunter are simply new races, as is the All-Star Mile.

Everyone is different and they are adding their own innovation to what in the last 30 years has become an increasingly less exciting racing scene with a lack of innovation in the sport.

Was the Melbourne Cup an "emerging race" when it ran for the first time or the Caulfield or Doncaster Cup?

Instead of listening to the president of VRC, Amanda Elliott, we listen to the client and what they want from our sport.

I seriously doubt that Elliott ever mixes or knows what the average bettor wants, that he's not there just for lunch in the committee room.

Amanda and those who support her stance are still babbling about the story, but maybe they should go to the TAB or the public area and ask those gamblers if they care how long they have been going in a career or what they want to see from our industry.

They certainly do not care what the catering is in the committee room.

* Watch Mystic Journey win the & # 39; emerging star & # 39; All-Star Mile *

Go bush I say

I am surprised by the amount of horses that seem to be of national level and are still being trained in the city.

With so many high quality national coaches in NSW, it's a wonder that the connections are not seen outside of Sydney.

Careers like the Country Championship series, with the chance to win a place in the $ 500,000 final at Randwick, plus the $ 1.3m. The Kosciusko and TAB Highway races every Saturday also give a good kick.

It costs more to have a horse trained in the city and with the additional costs of taking a horse to a field with the staff, I do not think it makes sense.

It's no wonder that city coaches are looking to take their horses into the bush to find weak races that can be won, especially when they are worth $ 22,000 plus the opportunity for BOB bonuses.


I've only been reviewing for the last month, but it was good to see that all the riders had good races at all races at Rosehill on Saturday.

I check the reviews of the Racenet rider every week to see who has competed in the good and bad races, and I still have to see quotes like "I killed him", "Bad race" or "It cost me the race".

Well done guys and girls, it's good to see that everyone is at the top of their game.


Having been one of the first people to interview Lizzie Jelfs in the early days of TVN, it was clear to me, and for those who listened to her, this young woman knows horses.

Lizzie was in charge of David Hayes's horses in Sydney at that time and it was obvious that she knew what she was doing and, most importantly, about the fitness and conditioning of the horses.

The role of Lizzie with SKY Racing on the day of the race now is not about the forms guide, as they have two experts at Ron Dufficy and Paul Joice.

Its function is to make punters know which horses look good and have improved or have gone backwards in condition and she does it in a brilliant way.

I recently heard another "assembly patio expert" give a favorite because he was the favorite ignoring what the role of an expert in assembly yards is all about.

Well done, Lizzie.

Go ahead and see it somewhere else

I was hit with a new one at the Kembla Grange races on Thursday, when along with other people I was moved by safety when watching an online race with the winning position.

Not in the winning post, but online.

We were not standing on the track, we were not hanging on the fence, but about 10 meters from the fence in the enclosure.

"You can not be in line with the winning publication" is what security told us.

Coach Mark Newnham was next to others laughing.

He explained that he had been moved earlier as well as others, while we watched the same security guard do the same in the following races.

Why go to see your horse race if the club does not allow you to see it at least cross the line?



I am old enough to remember all the beards of "they should be home in the kitchen" when the riders tried to break through for the first time, but today it is very different.

There were no better attractions in Rosehill on Saturday than the winning efforts of Kathy O & # 39; Hara at Toryjoy and Rachel King at Gaulois. The two-killer claimant, Jenny Duggan, was also in the song, of course, with a double winner on He Ekscels and River Bird, who needed their muscle to take them home first.

Protest against the scourge approaching

Did we almost see the first protest at the use of whips by the stewards when Jenny Duggan was fined for "excessive use" after River Bird won a photo on Saturday? Last week I told them what I thought about the issue, but waiting for a close disturbance from the bettors when one is confirmed (unless, of course, the favorite makes the decision).


I found interest in Brad Waters' Racenet article that Racing Victoria produced a new set of guidelines for the preparation of the tracks to take effect on August 1. Brad noted that RV infrastructure chief Jamie McGuinness said that 85 percent of trainers surveyed wanted softer clues.

Did someone interview the punters to know their thoughts?

If David Jones or Harvey Norman treated their clients with such disdain, they would not make a sale.


Put Murray Baker in the category of good uncles. Corey Brown suffered a serious back injury that left him sidelined for at least a year, in Lord Arthur, who stayed at home directly in the Queensland Derby, and trained with Baker.

I understand by Brown's manager, Pop-Up Paul Webster, that Baker calls New Zealand every week to see how the athlete is doing.

Break the reminder, but what about the next season?

If you're checking out who were the 18 winners of Chris Waller's Group I when he broke Tommy Smith's record in the 2018-19 season, here they are: Winx (7), The Autumn Sun (4), Verry Elleegant (2) and Patrick Erin, Shillelagh, Nature Strip, Shraaoh and Invincibella each.

The next season will be interesting for Waller, since I think that only Verry Elleegant and Nature Strip are able to win again at the top level, so they will trust a new cattle.

Who do you think these new stars will be?

I'm nominating Kubrick and Funstar for the starters and I hope that Youngstar has the best season.

As a bolter, I'm also suggesting that Singo's owner, Born To Play, is a great improver, and she's still a maid.

I was going to tell Tom Melbourne, but I'm not sure I can handle the barrage of abuse or constant laughter.


Congratulations Jenny Duggan.

You're on top!


Gosford coach Greg McFarlane in the game Sydney Swans vs. Gold Coast Suns at the SCG on Saturday night with his two sons, Max and Harrison.

I asked Max, seven years old, if he was going to train horses like dad, "No, I'm going to kick goals like Buddy (Franklin)," he replied quickly.

Dad said he's fine too, but Greg is hanging around Harrison, who's still a baby, but he's the one who loves being on the floor and getting dirty.

I will keep you informed, since McFarlane predicts that he will be among the biggest spoils in the Provincial Championships next year.

* Greg McFarlane and Max at the SCG while Harrison watches the game *