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Get a great deal on your game with the SCDKey discount codes

Whichever platform you prefer, this site can give you access to the latest games at incredibly low prices. They have keys that can be used in Stream, Playstation, PC, Origin and UPlay, with a selection that is updated daily. It may sound too good to be true, but trust us, these low game prices are real. All you need to do to get access is to use one of our codes to visit SCDKey and register. Simple!

Is there a way to get a better price on your site? – In the first place, we advise you that if you see a low price, take advantage of it when you can, since it is possible that it is not in stock for a long time. Second, you'll be happy to know that there is a way to access better offers. By becoming a Plus + Member on your site, you can enjoy cheaper pre-order prices, as well as obtain exclusive discount codes that are not available anywhere else.

What other gaming benefits are available? – There are many more benefits to access with your membership packages. You can choose between several different levels, with a longer membership and more benefits, the higher the level. So, for example, they have a cheap 7-day membership option for less than £ 2, which gives you double the reward points for that limited period of time. At the other end of the scale, your one-year option offers many more discount offers as well as a birthday gift.

Do you offer gift cards? – If you are not a player, but want to buy a gift for one, do not worry about not knowing what to buy on your site. You can overcome that obstacle by using one of our SCDKey promotion codes to save on a gift card.

Where can I find more information about new keys and game offers? – Because your range is changing all the time, it's worth keeping up or you may miss a lot. We recommend that you subscribe to the SCDKey newsletter and that you like your Facebook page to receive the latest notifications.

How to activate your game key

If you are not sure how to use your password, do not worry. On each product page, simply click on the "How to activate" tab and they will give you detailed instructions. This includes not only how to enter the key but also download any other software you may need to use it.

How to contact SCDKey

If you discover that you are having problems using your password, here are a couple of ways to get in touch. Once you have logged in to your site, send a ticket to be contacted and helped. They also have a live chat feature if you need to talk to them online. Please see the page of your Help Center for more information.