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of Moritz Treutwein
Bad news for customers of key stores. In the Steam forum, many players who bought a Sniper Elite 3 license in a key store report that the game has been removed from Steam. According to Steam, these licenses are not legal versions. While Steam recommends contacting the vendor, the Rebellion developers have already taken the floor.

Yesterday, June 27, Sniper Elite 3 was launched. For many players, the launch began with a shock: for many players who have purchased a Sniper Elite 3 license in a key store, an error message appeared on Steam. In this case, the affected person was informed that Sniper Elite 3 was removed from the library because it would not be a legal version. Steam recommends that players contact the license vendor.

The developers of the rebellion, meanwhile, have also spoken. These recommend that players claim a refund of the game price in the corresponding store. According to the rebellion, one of the retail PC vendors was stealing some Steam keys. It is believed that the rebellion was sold to several key stores without Valve or the seller receiving money. But Rebellion also emphasizes that players can buy the game anywhere and there are no preferred sellers. There should be problems only with the keys apparently stolen. To compensate for the inconveniences, Rebellion offers all affected players the DLC "Target Hitler" free of charge.

Meanwhile, CJS CD Keys has declared its own point of view on Facebook. According to the store, these are not keys stolen in any way, the only responsible for the problems is the rebellion itself. We can not wait to see how things develop. Everything about Sniper Elite 3 can be found on our theme page. Many thanks to the user Shona for the user's news.

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Rebellion has officially added support for AMD's Mantle API in its latest update to Sniper Elite 3, Patch 1.11. In parallel, the Head of Programming has published a detailed blog about the update, which provides interesting information about Mantle. For the future there are additional improvements with the API in the range of possible. Sniper Elite 3: tacitly patched mantle supportpersonal computerPS4XBOX360PS3

Sniper Elite 3: tacitly patched mantle support

Apparently, the Rebellion development study has completed the implementation of Mantle in the internal Asura engine. Sniper Elite 3 recently received a patch that introduces the alternative rendering path. However, this happened tacitly, the corresponding patch notes are not yet circulating on the network. Xbox One vs. Playstation 4: the performance gap closes

Xbox One vs. Playstation 4: the performance gap closes – Developer rebellion in the Xbox update

The difference in performance between Xbox One and Playstation 4 seems to continue to decline. A new update will give the Microsoft console a significant boost, the developer Rebellion seems to be very happy in an interview. Now the Xbox One could reach Playstation 4.

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