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ABOUT Random Hot Keys

What is HRK?

HRK is a new platform that includes the following sections:

(I) HRK Lottery: (www.hotrandomkeys.com)
With only $ 2 you will receive a game that is worth $ 2.99 to $ 59.99.
No free game, no DLC, no demo => Only full version of games
Odds of winning grade A games: 1 to 10

(II) HRK Store: (www.hotrandomkeys.com)
Find the best deals on Steam games at the HRK Store. Here we have a catalog of the most popular games with great discounts!
All the keys are legitimate and 100% functional.
With each purchase, you will not only receive the desired game, but you will also earn free Hot Random Keys to enter the HRK Lottery.

(III) HRK make package: (www.hotrandomkeys.com)
For the first time, make your own package! Now you have the opportunity to decide for the games that exist in the package you want to buy.
It only costs $ 1.49 to get 5 games by your own choice.

(IV) HRK DropKey: (www.hotrandomkeys.com)
HRK drops 60 hot random keys every day. Each participant has 21 opportunities to obtain one of these random access keys per day. The whole system is completely FREE and it does not cost you anything to win a hot random key.
Each hot random key gives you an unused key from Steam, Origin or Uplay. The hot random key contains many AAA games. (Odds of winning AAA games: 1 to 10)

————————————————– ————————————————– ———–
HRK promises a new online shopping experience that makes it more fun.
In HRK, you can pay less and get more than you paid. This is how the whole system works and based on new techniques and algorithms.

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