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Deep Silver has canceled a load of Exodus Steam Metro keys sold through key resellers after discovering, they say, that the keys had been stolen from the factory by making copies in a box. Metro Exodus switched to the Epic Games Store exclusivity with a development advanced enough to produce physical copies of PCs configured for Steam, then exchanged Steam keys for Epic keys and pasted Epic stickers onto the Steam logo. Apparently, some scoundrels picked up those Steam keys to sell them, Deep Silver found out, and now they have canceled them, eliminating the game from the Steam libraries of the players who bought them.

While Metro Exodus is not currently sold on Steam, the game is still on Steam because Deep Silver had sold pre-orders for a Steam release. You can no longer buy it directly, but if you get a Steam key elsewhere, you can activate it on Steam and receive updates and DLC. For people who prefer to use Steam than the Epic customer, or just like the oddities, it seems that it's worth it in the gray market.

While there are legitimate Metro Exodus Steam keys floating around, purchased from authorized resellers, Deep Silver says that the batch they canceled are "illegal stolen keys." They do not say if the keys were physically printed elements that were taken from the boxes or were deleted from a list destined for the printers, but I suppose that this distinction is a matter of the authorities. Deep Silver explained on Thursday:

"These keys were obtained illegally from the factory where the physical printing of the keys was made before the announcement of exclusivity with Epic Games, due to the criminal nature of these keys, all the unlicensed keys were deactivated and the activation / download of Metro Exodus without The executable file is no longer possible. In addition, the software will be removed from the Steam library of any player using an unauthorized code. The keys that are sold on this platform are stolen goods and, therefore, are illegal. "

Which, yes, is quite fair. However, what you feel about the change to epic exclusivity, seems a pretty clear case of someone selling stolen goods. I suppose you could leave them active as a gesture of goodwill, but there may still be those keys in nature, still earning money for the thief. And they will not return your money because they never received it.

"If you have been affected, we strongly recommend that you contact the seller who sold you the unlicensed key and demand a refund," says Deep Silver. Good luck with that.

This is partly because I do not use reseller sites for unauthorized keys, I just do not know where the keys come from or why they are cheap. Since I have seen several people say that they had paid more than the normal price of £ 50 to get Metro Exodus on Steam, or were willing to do so, I guess many of these were not even cheap.

Deep Silver officially sold the Exodus Metro Steam keys through the Humble and Razer stores, so if you have a key there you'll be fine. Elsewhere … well, you probably know if Deep Silver revoked your key.

Metro Exodus is expected to get a Steam release once the one-year exclusivity period ends, so shortly after February 14, 2020. What a pity that this extensive and stinking tangle of exclusivity has overshadowed the release of a game that is pretty bad, like our Brendy Subway Exodus Review Details.