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The Koinsky LP, which in my opinion, stands out from the crowd of Youtubers who rush through the story to make the ratings very heavy in any new game that comes out.

In short, he plays, is passionate and knowledgeable about the genre and nothing else, will give you a good overview that is Surviving Mars.

Thanks Seloune, it's fine.

Regarding the difficulty of the game, it is true that at a low level of difficulty it is not very difficult. The difficulties occur through peaks, related to the crises initiated by the game (meteors, cold waves) or the bad management of the player (for example, installing settlers in a dome with poorly equipped services.) Because they are not happy, Ya I do not want to work, so they have even fewer services (since they are "on strike"), and eventually they all go with the next rocket.
In the case of disasters, if you have mismanaged your colony (the production limit limits consumption, there is not enough storage for hard knocks, there are not enough resources to quickly repair the damage to the infrastructure, bad logistics to do) repair the damage by the drones …), it can be quickly in the pan.
I just started a game with a difficulty of 180% (it's quick in the options, it's more of a "normal" difficulty), and it's going well.
The highest difficulty I must think to present a real challenge.
Not far from my crisis (I chose "AI"), but the CPC test talks about really interesting things with the challenge.

The game lacks a small tutorial or information on tools to quickly capture some mechanisms, but in general, the user interface is not bad.