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Not many people know that the Chinese company TCL owns a more or less extinct smartphone brand, Palm. Having acquired the Palm brand in 2011, TCL did nothing to revive it in the last six years.

Perhaps the fact that LG bought Palm's operating system was one of the reasons why TCL could not bring new smartphones with this brand to the market. But that is about to change if we are going to believe the latest Android Planet report.

It seems that Stefan Streit, TCL Marketing Manager, confirmed that his company is ready to revive the Palm brand and announced a new smartphone in early 2018. The Palm smartphone will not run WebOS / Palm OS or any other form of the old system operative based on gestures. system.

According to Streit, TCL will target three different types of customers with each of its brands. Alcatel will focus on "millenials", BlackBerry will target business consumers, while Palm is supposed to attract older users who still remember Palm as a reliable, high-quality brand.

The same report suggests that the upcoming Palm products that TCL plans to announce next year may not be limited to smartphones and may also include a Palm Pilot.