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There are many ways to get a bargain when making your purchase in the usual supermarket and this list of tips could help you save a fortune.

Jenny Keefe, from the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert website, has compiled some of the best buying tricks to maximize savings and some could end up reducing her regular bill by 1,000 pounds.

Next, we've rounded up our favorite supermarket cuts that could save you money.

Be aware of store designs

From placing candies and magazines around the box to distributing items so you have to crawl through the aisles, supermarkets are encouraging shoppers to shop all the time.

Once you realize this, it is easy to detect and easier to avoid being tempted.

Plan your budget

Having a more strict budget, having the right mindset is half the battle.

Use a budget planner and ask what you can pay for your weekly or monthly purchase, prioritizing the most important and necessary items.

Make the challenge of descending change

The Downshift Challenge is basically reducing a brand to the products you normally buy.

The fact that something costs more does not mean it's really better: read the ingredient lists and you may find little or no difference between the higher priced products and the bargain bits.

Opt for unbranded or branded items from the store and save yourself money.

If you usually buy a premium brand product from a store but also sell an even cheaper option, try it.

Receive product suggestions in exchange

The mySupermarket comparison site has a "change and save" option based on the Down Change Challenge.

When you enter your shopping cart, you will compare the prices of other supermarkets and also offer reduced options.

Cleaning products and toiletries for minor changes.

Reports show that most buyers tend to keep branded powders, shower gels and other household cleaning products.

The brand detergent is quite expensive, so switch to the supermarket versions to get great savings.

Never buy when hungry

It is easy to do in a tight schedule.

While you may think that waiting until you need food is the best time to buy it, you are actually more likely to put things that you do not need in your basket.

Supermarkets display their most profitable items to attract buyers

Compare the cost of your car

Use mySupermarket to compare the cost of your purchases with the UK's leading online supermarkets and find out where the cheapest items are.

Save money using coupons

The use of coupons can make large savings on your purchase invoice.

The Money Saving Expert coupons page has a regularly updated list so you can keep an eye on all potential savings.

Combine coupons to maximize savings.

The extreme coupons collect hundreds of coupons for products and stores, before combining them to cut their purchase invoices.

If you want to become an extreme coupon, see the Extreme Coupons Tip page of MSE.

Do not be fooled by special offers.

Sometimes, everything is not as it seems when supermarkets have products on offer.

Stores may exaggerate the original prices to make special offers seem more profitable.

Check if it's really a bargain

Many smart buyers know that the fact that a product appears on the list does not necessarily mean it is cheaper.

Check again the reliable Mysupermarket site to trace the price history of the products and detect when supermarkets are exaggerating their prices "before".

Get supermarket coupons online

Supermarkets are always looking for new customers and employ tactics to try to attract them.

This includes discount vouchers and offers like "£ 15 from £ 50 when you buy here."

Cashback can help with purchase invoices

Recover your money with money back

Once you know where your shopping list costs less, you may be able to get a cash refund to further improve your savings.

There are many sites that offer more information and warnings; try the best money back sites.

Get a rain check voucher

This little known advice can help you get sold items for sale sold out. You can request a "raincheck" coupon to compensate for the fact that the store can not provide it.

It is at the discretion of the store manager, so everyone's experience may be different, but it is definitely worth asking.

Do not always go for Buy One Get One Free

Sometimes, this favorite offer from the supermarket is just to tempt customers to splurge.

The Money Saving Expert site advises shoppers that they are only attracted to the offer when it comes to items that do not work, such as toothpaste and toilet paper roll, or items that you would buy anyway.

Loyalty schemes do not mean you have to be loyal.

To try to keep customers in their stores and not those of competitors, supermarkets offer a large number of loyalty programs and reward programs.

Loyalty schemes such as Tesco Clubcard and Sainsbury's Nectar are incorporated into pricing policies, so do not limit yourself to a store just because they give you points, but be sure to accumulate points when you buy there.

Recover old Clubcard vouchers

Holders of the Club card can obtain old or forgotten points by entering the "Your coupons" section on the Tesco website.

The site will allow customers to use the unused vouchers of the last two years to save more.

Buy later in the evening to save the tag's savings.

The yellow adhesives stick to the products several times throughout the day to reduce the elements to be removed.

The largest reductions are usually at night, from around 7 pm, but some items will be reduced by midmorning.

Try the "best before" products

The best previous date only means that a product is fresher before that date, but it is still edible after it.

To stay safe, avoid products after their expiration date, as they could be a risk, especially meat and dairy products.

Get discounts by "abandoning" your shopping cart online

If you leave a website of a supermarket while your basket is still full, you will usually receive an email with a discount to try to return.

Try adding an item to your basket, without buying it, then leave and a discount code could end up in your inbox a few days later.

Write a meal plan

If you make a plan for your weekly meals, it is much easier to shop more efficiently.

Check your cupboards to see what you already have, so as not to duplicate the ingredients unnecessarily.

Making a list can stop unnecessary purchases

Make a list

It seems obvious, but it is very easy to wander aimlessly through the corridors.

With a shopping list in hand, you will not spend on items you do not need.

Do not waste items in the back of your closet.

Instead of throwing away the food you're not sure what to do, research the recipes to use unwanted ingredients and avoid shopping.

Check if you are paying more for less

Often, brands launch new products that seem more profitable than they really are.

This was the case with thin & # 39; biscuits, which are often double the price of regular cookies by half the prize.

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