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It's Tuesday, that means that the E3 display floor is already open. It also means that we are finally at the end of a period of four days of press conferences from some of the largest publishers in the game world. While Activision Blizzard still does not make its own pre-E3 event, almost everyone else does, which means that these 96 hours have been a deluge of announcements and reveals that we did everything possible so that our arms were close. We did not even cover them all: the Square Enix press conference was basically without new information, and the PC Game Show, although convincing, was mostly a long list of independent game ads, some of which we'll see later. . this week.

For now, here is everything you need to know about each press conference you need to know. Get over this and you'll be ready for all the other E3 news that starts … well, now.

Electronic arts

E3 started things on Saturday (yes, Saturday) with a quiet Electronic Arts conference, largely without incident, broadcast from its annual EA Play event at the Hollywood Palladium. The presser opened with Battlefield v, set during World War II, which will have highly destructible environments and a Battle Royale Mode to the Fortnite. Respawn Entertainment revealed some details about their Star Wars game in progress, more on that shortly, and a bit of update on the ongoing service for Star Wars: Battlefront II.

In new games, EA revealed. Unravel 2, a follow-up of his game about a man of precocious and tender yarns (this time, he has a friend!) and Sea of ​​loneliness, a small and captivatingly thought-out game introduced by a convincingly serious German developer. The editor also took the wrappers announced a mobile. Command & Conquer game and gave a long demo of Anthem, The next mech game from the BioWare shared world that seems to be aiming to be a Destination assassin. Even better, Anthem now it has a date: February 22, 2019. (Also FIFA I was there, because FIFA it is always there.)

The biggest surprise: We have a name for the new Respawn Star Wars game: Jedi: Fall Order. Respawn has made great shooters in the first person with the Fall of the Titan series, so it will be interesting to see what they can do with the Star Wars license.

The biggest missed opportunity: Jedi: Fall Order It was announced without logo or even a concept trailer, which felt like a disappointment. It's hard to get excited about a name, even when it's a good name.


The last two Microsoft Xbox press conferences have not exactly managed to articulate the future of the Xbox, even if that future is unexpectedly bright. This year, then, it was a pleasant surprise: Microsoft brought a lot of material and many surprises.

First of all, the editor has been very satisfied with the acquisition and hopes to reinforce his first class games with a large number of studies they now own. These include the Ninja theory, which he did last year Hellblade: the sacrifice of Senua, Undead Labs (Decomposition state), Childish gamesForza Horizon), and compulsion games (We happy few). It is difficult to say if acquisitions like this are good for studies; the creators receive a day of payment, but the story is full of instances of great publishers who buy small studies and slowly take them to the ground. Time will tell whether this is good for the games or not, but it is certainly a good move for Microsoft.

Then, there were games. A lot of games. There is Sekiro: Shadows die twice, a game about ninjas from the developers of Dark souls, arriving in 2019. Forza Skyline 4, a new delivery that takes the racing franchise to Great Britain. Division 2, which leads to the shared world shooter to Washington, DC. the devil can cry 5, with the original creator of the franchise in charge. Dying Light 2, a sequel to my favorite parkour zombie game. Gears of War 5, a Gears of war game of tactics, and a Gears of war Theme, uh, Funko Pop game. And Halo: Infinite, a new delivery in the aura franchise of which we know almost nothing. In addition, fans got a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, which officially leaves on January 25, 2019.

The biggest surprise: Halo: Infinite it could be a big problem, as well as the expanded effort in Microsoft Game Pass, a subscription service that gives subscribers the ability similar to Netflix to download and play a portion of the Xbox library for a fixed monthly fee. But after Microsoft made so much noise about the PC at the press conference last year, the relative silence of this year spoke a lot.

The biggest missed opportunity: Offering almost no details about a new aura The title made the ad fall quite flat.


The E3 Bethesda Showcase was huge this year. We have a closer look at Rabies 2, a massive open-world shooter jointly developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios, complete (?) with an appearance on the stage of Andrew WK. A short trailer played for Doom Eternal a sequel to the excellent Condemn Restart of 2016; like the old school Doom 2, Eternal Apparently it is established on Earth. QuakeCon in August should provide many more details in that area.

There will also be a new Wolfenstein game next year, set in an alternate universe of the 1980s and starring the twin daughters of the Nazi murder machine BJ Blaskowicz. And then there are the big things: a long look at Fallout 76, an open world of impressive appearance, totally online. Fall out game that comes on November 14; Elder Scrolls Blades, a game for mobile phones that strives to be a complete, complete Elder Scrolls experience; and two projects much further in the development of the project, the title of science fiction. Field of stars Y Elder Scrolls VI. It is unlikely that both appear in the current generation of consoles.

The biggest surprise: Any look at Elder Scrolls VI It's a bit of a surprise, actually. Like the jokey-but-maybe-real announcement of Skyrim: Very special edition for the Alexa.

The biggest missed opportunity: Andrew WK, whose presence seemed to confuse and even reassure the crowd. (To be fair, this is a missed opportunity for Andrew WK).


The presser foot from Ubisoft opted for softness, giving fans a long look at Beyond good and evil 2, that seems to be a great terrestrial space opera, although the details are scarce about the gameplay or the launching. As Microsoft also revealed, Division 2 it will be established in Washington, DC, and will have free raids and DLCs when it goes to great lengths to become the Tom Clancy-verse. DestinationKiller who aspires to be.

New properties also appeared. There was a lot of Skull bones, a gritty pirate adventure in a shared online world, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a science fiction game of toys to life (think Skylanders) taking his heavy combat to the Nintendo Switch, and introducing Fox from Star fox. Finally, there was a great look at Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey, which takes place in ancient Greece and allows the player to choose between two characters. Also, you can talk to Socrates, so … that's it. Odyssey It leaves on October 5.

The biggest surprise: Unlike in recent years, Aisha Tyler was not the hostess. Aisha! Where would you go? (Probably one of your gazillion works.)

The biggest missed opportunity: Despite the teasing with recent DLC to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft did not announce a new entry in the Splinter Cell Stealth franchise game. Color me disappointed.


The Sony press conference on Monday night of this year was a bit strange. It started in a small set of "church", which ended up being a recreation of a place of The last of us, part II, which was also the first game shown of the night. The showcase focused on long demos for some of Sony's major titles: The last of us; Ghost of tsushima, a samurai game developed by Sucker Punch, which resembles the dream game of Kurosawa fans; Death, Hideo Kojima's surreal-pocalypse surrealism, starring digital versions of Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, along with what was, frankly, a strange number of babies; and insomniac games & # 39; Spiderman, which looks like a good romp.

Between each of these large showcases, we obtained canned comments along with other ads: A Resident Evil 2 complete remake in HD, next January 22; Sequel to the Samurai Souls-I like it Nioh 2 developed by Team Ninja; Y Control, a fascinating looking game by Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake) about the director of a supernatural agency. There was also another Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, showing a Pirates of the Caribbean world, which brought in the week KH3 Total tow to three (so far).

The biggest surprise: The images of The last of us, part II, in addition to being as hyperviolent as his predecessor, presented what could be the first and only lesbian kiss in a scenario of E3. The presentation of cruelty in a game of a company like Sony is not without reproach in any way, but honestly, it is still very good.

The biggest missed opportunity: Fair warning: I will not stop screaming Bloodborne 2 until they release Bloodborne 2.


The Nintendo press conference somehow felt huge and disappointing. First of all, we have some new announcements, in the form of Daemon x machina, a neat looking mech action game, which will be released in 2019; some DLC for Chronicles of Xenoblade 2; a new elegant appearance Fire emblem; Y Super Mario party, which will include the novel feature of linking two Switch consoles to create a great simulation of board game. Next: the game you like is coming back in style! Yes, it was the port assembly of Nintendo Switch, with a ton of games, like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Hollow Knight, Wasteland 2, and the classic JRPG The world ends with you (from what we had heard but it was still nice to see).

The rest of the show was dedicated to a title, and only one title: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which arrives for the Nintendo Switch on December 7. They demolished the characters (all of them, of all the Smash Bros game, they're here), and they went over a long list of very Detailed changes that will surely delight hardcore fans but that could have been a bit boring for everyone else. And that was, uh, that.

The biggest surprise: Ridley, the evil extraterrestrial giant dragon of Metroidis coming to Smash Bros, what seems like a logistical nightmare for developers.

The biggest missed opportunity: Nintendo completely failed to mention Metroid Prime 4, that the company had announced last year, or its online service, which is supposedly still scheduled for this fall and is still a big unknown.

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