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Are you looking for a little help finding a cheap PlayStation Plus price? No doubt, we can help you out, since there is nothing worse for our bargain hunters than to hear that people pay the full price for things. Speaking of full price, the regular price of an annual PS Plus membership in most stores or online through the PlayStation store is $ 60 / £ 50, so that is the price you want to beat when you search the latest offers.

If £ 50 sounds more expensive than you remember in the UK, it is because Sony increased the price by £ 10 in August 2017. However, do not worry, we have found prices closer to £ 40 for you in Our price of PlayStation Plus offers comparison table below.

You will need a PlayStation Plus membership to play PS4 games online. On the "more" side (that's right, I went there), the membership also gives you access to the collection of PlayStation Plus instant games, which includes free games every month that you can keep while you subscribe. The format of the offer changed recently so that it no longer includes the titles of PS3 or PS Vita, so from now on you will only receive the current PS4 titles. Do not worry, you can still download any PS3 / Vita / PS4 title that you have added through PS Plus over the years, even if your membership expires and then you re-register.

Membership also gives you exclusive sales discounts on the PlayStation Network and allows you to load games saved in the cloud, which is great to support your progress should your console's hard drive fail.

All in all, it is a great value for your money every year. That said, be sure to turn off those annoying automatic renewal settings on your console to avoid paying the full price, as we have found great discounts for you with these low prices of PlayStation Plus. Xbox fans, we also cover it with the cheapest Xbox Live Gold deals.

The cheapest PlayStation Plus prices.

CDKeys update: In general, we found that CDKeys is one of the cheapest prices to buy a 12 month offer for PlayStation Plus, but technical problems sometimes mean that offers do not appear in our comparison table below. However, feel free to check the following CDKeys links, just to make sure you are getting the best PS Plus offer. Prices tend to be around £ 38- £ 42 in the United Kingdom Y $ 50- $ 58 in the United States.

The rumors are true. There is also a three-month subscription available, but the value is not as strong and technically you are paying more per month compared to the 12-month offers of PS Plus. Have a look.

What are the free PS Plus games this month?

We have you covered there. Each month we update the list of free gifts for the collection of PlayStation Plus instant games. Why not check the page below to make sure you never miss it?