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The drones have not yet taken charge, but they are gaining popularity in the list of items of Christmas gifts most wanted in Trade Me.

According to the most important annual Christmas shopping list on the Internet, published today, many Kiwis dream of iPhones on the deck, children in the vagabond and other significant slaves at the barbecue, possibly while holding a light saber.

The most searched item in November was the smartphone, followed by outdoor furniture, trampolines, barbeques, Lego, PlayStation 4, kayaks, spa pools, Star Wars items and jet boats.

But when you go up in the ranks there are drones, adult coloring books and the Fitbit portable activity tracker.

"While our top 10 has Kiwi's solid favorites, these are definitely the gifts" of 2015, "said Trade Me spokesman Logan Mudge. "Last year, the selfies were the best of all the bursts, but it seems that the kiwis are more interested in coloring in a calm way and reaching that goal of 10,000 steps per day in the new year." But for the most part, users searched for Christmas gifts that they could enjoy outside, he said.

"If the weather changes to custard, its bases are covered with the PlayStation, Lego and Star Wars merchandise, which includes toys, DVDs and costumes, and they are all very popular searches."

In Auckland, the 10 most varied items varied: the golf equipment and bikes achieved the same level, and the iPads topped the list along with the iPhones.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the iPhone has reigned across the country, the devices obtained hundreds of thousands of searches in November.

"The members of Trade Me have loved Apple's products for years, but it's interesting that the iPhone 6s did not achieve the 50 most important Christmas searches this year, the 5s and 6 models are the pioneers at the moment," said Mudge.

Last year's favorites that have been eliminated from the top 10 are everything that is frozen, dogs and puppies, karts and toys and clothes from Minecraft.

This year, the best gifts for children are Star Wars and Friends Lego, trampolines, single-seaters, swings, disguises and Disney Frozen dolls, Kinetic Sand, quadcopters and mini drones, wooden train tables, sand and water play tables. and pop-up tents.

"Lego sales in December increased 175 percent from 2008 to 2014, and we expect to see another jump this year," Mudge said.

• At the start of the Christmas season last year, the high tide mark for the lists was on December 2, when the Trade Me sellers started almost 530,000 lists.

• Trade Me expects December 2015 to exceed those numbers, since many days in November already exceed them.

• In 2013, the busiest day of Trade Me was on December 8, when some 49,000 items were sold.

• Last year was December 14, when more than 50,000 items were sold.

Top searches, November 2015:

1. iPhones
2. Outdoor furniture.
3. Trampolines
4. Barbecues
5. Lego
6. PlayStation 4
7. Kayak
8. spa pool
9. Star Wars
10. Jet boat

Best children's searches, November 2015:

1. Lego – Star Wars and his friends
2. Trampolines
3. Cars with battery
4. Swings
5. Disney Frozen costumes and dolls.
6. Kinetic sand
7. Quadcopters / mini drones
8. Wooden train tables.
9. Sand and water play tables.
10. Emerging tents